Best CCTV Camera For Shop in India: 2021 Reviews

Best CCTV Camera For Shop in India: 2021 Reviews

If you are looking for a budget-friendly CCTV Camera for your Shop. Here I have picked some of the Top 5 Best CCTV Camera For Shop In India 2021 with the latest update | Available On Amazon Buy Now On Amazon.

In the digital era, privacy has been the prime concern of every person and the people have become more conscious of their every activity and move. CCTV is very prevalent and has proven to monitor any suspect and to track the footage in order to find the miscreants and offenders activities in proximity.

CCTV is witnessed as the best form of non-living security guard which has reduced the human effort and as elevates the security and safety, not in just Shop but officers also. The modern CCTV comes with cutting-edge feature and has provided state-of-art to the infrastructure and justified itself as Best CCTV Camera For Shop, reliable and robust device in India.

SO, you must be thinking, why we need a CCTV Camera,
Here is the answer

For those who own a business or run their own store or office.

  • Monitor staff, worker action if they are working underhand.
  • Monitor bowling and harass in office premises.
  • Track theft and bungles
  • Monitor cause of any Mishappening or Mishap throughout the day.

For home and residential area.

  • To ensure the safety of the baby
  • Detect the theft
  • Monitor if any irrational activity at doorstep or neighbourhood.

Now, let’s get head towards the Best CCTV Camera For Shop. However, there are various CCTV brands in India which deliver an exceptionally amazing product. So today we have filtered the Best CCTV Camera For Shop in India for you.

List of Top 5 Best CCTV Camera For Shop Use in India

Best CCTV Camera For Shop in India

1. CP Plus Intelli Eye Full HD Best security cameras for a shop

This is the first and Best CCTV Camera For Shop camera due to its multi-purpose benefits and has a state of art. The CP plus Intelli Eye comes with 1080p resolutions which give it an edge over other models.

Moreover, it is considered versatile due to its being adaptive for indoor and outdoor purposes. The manufacture of this CCTV camera is under NEMA guidelines which have requisite protection features also which is the worth point in its favour of Best CCTV Camera For Shop in India.

CP Plus Intelli Eye Full HD CCTV Camera Kit

Apart from this, it is best suited for the night visions at 2MP camera and also the IR sensor allows flawless recording of footage which makes it is the Best CCTV Camera For Shop and offices also.

As for as quantity is concerned, these cameras comes with two dome cameras and have two bullet cameras. This camera gives with surveillance of 1080p and 1TB storage capacity. Also, the cables are highly durable for swift translation of data with its 4 DC pins points. It is best suited for offices, shops, warehouses, schools, tuition, home, retail stores and the Shop securities.

Special Features & Specifications

  • IR Night Vision 20 Meters,
  • IP67 Weather Proof,
  • Remote Access,
  • Connect to multiple Camera,
  • Supported by HDx, DVRs, HDTVI, CVBS, HDCVI, AHD
  • 1080 HD picture quality
  • Weatherproof camera
  • 20 Mtr IR night vision
  • Affordable
  • No cloud storage
  • Installing is a bit difficult

2. D-Link DCS-F1712 2MP HD Best Cctv Camera For Jewellery shop

The D-link is another most popular Best CCTV Camera For Shop brand in India and has very robust CCTV cameras which are highly secure and sophisticated. The D-link CCTV camera records full hd1080p images with the IR range of 30 metres gives it an edge. It is a fixed bullet type of CCTV camera in India and the focus quality is for amazing as compared to other CCTV because the focus enables a large apartment complex to monitor the suspected activities.

best cctv camera for home

Moreover, this CCTV supports four formats such as AHD, TVs, CVI and CVBS. The footage range is of 300 metres and the 3.6 mm lens is actually a wide-angle lens which captures broad and wide-area at home and certified it as Best CCTV Camera For jewellery shop. Also, it has 1/2.7 inch canvas lenses which give spectacular output and all the metal body is 1P66 waterproof which works perfectly in rainy seasons also.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Full Metal Body and Full HD 1080p
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • 30 Mtr IR RangeHD Camera
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Mounting Accessories.
  • IR range of 30m
  • Excellent for night use
  • Wide angle lens
  • Inexpensive setup
  • Fixed Bullet Camera and needs manual adjustments
  • Cannot control from remote locations

3. Sricam SP Series Wireless HD IP WiFi Top cctv camera for shop

Sricam is another dominating and renowned name in the field of CCTV what gives it an edge over other due to its being Wi-Fi enabled which makes it Best Security Camera For shop Sricam gives security-centric solutions for home office and premises. The Sricam surveillance cameras are equipped with advanced smart and sophisticated features which insurer a 24*7 safety and security of the targeted area. Moreover, the HD camera of 1.0 captures video at 720 p to have a crystal clear view of footage and even the quality of the video is just flawless and smooth.

wireless cctv camera for home

Even The 360-degree panoramic view from our smartphone through Sricam app is also advanced and portable feature. The communication is seamless and a very negligible distortion which gives the client a benefit listen the clear audio by sitting anywhere globally at home, which put it in the category of Best CCTV Camera For Shop. The inbuilt speakers help you make an announcement through the camera by just sitting at your office and cabin.

The LED surrounding the camera gives a clear view of the night also. Since it is night vision camera makes you have a clear view of dark and dingy areas. Also the email notification popup alert you when you detect any sudden movement and motion disturbance. Also, the micro SD card option gives you a storage capacity of up to 128 GB. The Wi-Fi feature gives you the advantage to make live stream anytime and anywhere from the world.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Motion detection
  • Rotate camera
  • IR night vision
  • Two-way audio and SD card slot.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Worth the price
  • Features like motion detection
  • Control from remote locations
  • Quality of sound depends on your Wi-Fi signal
  • Runs on AC, hence ineffective during a power blackout

4. Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart best cctv camera for shop

The MI 360° is in the fourth position among the Best CCTV Camera For Home. The MI is the next name to security and to keep eye on every night and vision of activity. The reason it is worth buying of its 360° degree view at 1080 p quality picture the infrared illusions are the best for the night version. The motion dedications send you the instant notification either by the emails or push notification even TalkBack features is just another feature to be taken into consideration while deciding Best cctv camera for small shop.

Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera

The full-colour low-light vision is just a factor to grab attention over other CCTV camera under the level of the Best CCTV Camera For Shop. Even the installation is done in just 3 steps and also this CCTV is very economical. However, the only downside is that there is no cloud storage option and have a 64GB micro SD slot and support NAS also. The AI motion detector comes with an angle of the 110 degrees and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 B/g and 2.4 GHz.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Intruder alert
  • Full colour in night mode
  • 360-degree view
  • Table feature
  • Install upright or inverted
  • Multiple views on a single screen
  • Picture in picture mode
  • Playback of 2 x/ 4 x /16 X speed
  • Full value for money
  • Great picture quality
  • Clear night vision with colours
  • 360-degree view
  • Talkback feature
  • Inverter installation option
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t support cloud storage

5. ThinkValue® WiFi HD IP best cctv for convenience store

Think value is another registered trademark and holds the all legal right to sell CCTV Camera For Shops and offices in India. The T8855 is on the fifth position in regard to this concern of security and safety. The USP of this camera is its real-time monitoring feature anytime and anywhere from your smartphone at just a single click. The 360-degree vision at 720 p is worth noticing and makes it a deal to grab under the banner of Best CCTV Camera For small shop. Along with this, the infrared night vision technology is also praiseworthy to save any suspicious activity happening in the dark.

cctv camera for home with mobile connectivity

Moreover, the AI motion detection is also another worth and reliable feature of this CCTV camera like other CCTV camera which makes it a customer choice. The TalkBack feature is most pivotal nowadays in the office to have a hassle-free announcement and to avoid unnecessary gatherings. The installation gives you an inverted option as well which makes it a flexible and portable device.

Though your mobile app, you can have a 355° horizontal and 110° vertical view which eliminates the need for multiple cameras. The SD card option gives you to expand its storage up to 128 GB and online cloud storage option as well. The colour quality has already grabbed a lot of eyeball due to you are realistic coloured footage at 720 p resolution at a complete colour palette of amazing dynamic range.

The dual-motor design enables all-round view and the body is even shockproof. The working mechanism of the motor is quite silent and smooth. The f 2.1 aperture has an impressive night view and clear vision up to 16 feet. All these above-mentioned keyboards make it a Best cctv for shop.

Special Features & Specifications

  • New and better night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Real-time remote live access
  • Dual motor design
  • HD photo quality
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, windows
  • Email alert
  • AP mode
  • 360-degree view
  • Two-way real-time audio.
  • Excellent features
  • Absolute clarity because of IR imaging
  • Remote controlling facility
  • Motion sensing
  • 128GB memory could prove inadequate if you opt for 24X7 recording

However, there are a wide range of CCTV cameras in India which are best in their own and have amazing features. Still choosing among them is difficult, so we have justified below some of the factors which break down the assembly and structure.

1).Classification On The Basis Of Iris For Best security camera for shop


camera iris

The iris is actually is just like an eyelid of human which covers the lens of a camera. In photography word, it is labelled as an aperture which ensures and control the amount of light to come and have the find view of footage. The iris is the most rudimentary factor to decide the best CCTV camera in India. They come in two variants which are automatic and manual iris.

A). Automatic Iris

As it signifies in itself that it works itself and equipped with a motor in it which automatically ensures the opening of the iris as soon as it senses the light around. The auto-iris CCTV is the best CCTV camera in India for the shop which are being widely adopted in offices and home as well.

B). Manual Iris

The manual iris is though a conventional device but still have an edge for being robust in nature. The user can adjust iris manually and are static in nature, unlike automatic iris CCTV cameras which are movable. The manual iris CCTV cameras are neatly used for the entrance door, Barricades, stores, malls, warehouse. In short such places which are more prone to theft.

Why they are manual?
They are manual because if we need to adjust or alter the position or view of the camera we need to do manually since there is an absence of sensor in it.

Types of Lens Used In CCTV Brands In India

Size of the lensName of the lens
2.8 mmWide-angle lens
8 mmSemi-wide-angle lens
12 mmShort-range narrow lens
50 mmLong-range narrow lens

2). Classification On Location Factors

A). Indoor

These are the best cctv camera for retail shop and home in India. These cameras are specially curated with a Special feature of low light like the latest smartphones which make them capable to record even at low light also. Though, the colour quality of the video is a little compromising and less credible and give a sort of black and white footage. These cameras are built with a fixed or manual iris element and even these cameras are easy to fit on C & S clamps type of holders.

B). Outdoor Camera

These are usually high-resolution camera since they are designed to capture a wider and dynamic view of outer space such as street, crossroad, playgrounds, courtyard, barbs, factories and departmental Store. Since they are designed with auto iris feature which can even differentiate easily between daylight and night mode views automatically.

3). Classification Of Best CCTV camera for shop on Technology

A). Infrared Technology

The LED technology design with infrared methodology is best to record black and white footage at home and this specific trait witnessed as best cctv camera for jewellery shop. These cameras are usually seen at borders, frontier at defence area since these are far more robust and Authentic.

B). Low Light Camera

This type of CCTV is made for specific purposes areas, where light is usually low such as parking areas as basement, garage, tunnel, subways and backyards.
The low technology is gaining popularity due to work perfectly in dingy and dark places where suspicious activity is more prone to account for.

C). HD Camera

This is the TV cameras have HD videos and have more pixels and dots per inches. They generally produce videos at a minimum of 480p, 720p and maximum up to 1080p.

D). FishEye Camera

Fisheye cameras are most preferred to have visual distortion to have a panoramic and hemispherical view of the area. These are dedicated to having an ultra-wide view, and looks quite catchy

E). SPX Camera

It is a one form of Hidden or spy camera used by detective or reporters to carry out the sting operation safely . The size is usually as small as button and is very obscure in nature .

4). Lens Type

Generally, two types of lenses are available which serves the purpose. The one lens is adjustable however the other one is static in nature.

5). Resolution

It is another vital aspect which deciding Best CCTV Camera For shop gives you the liberty to have a longer dynamic range. The resolution comes in three variants 480p, 720p and 1080p. So, the higher the resolution is, the easier for you to capture the crisp and clear view of footage.

6). Camera Field Of View

This is a reference to the view of field or area a camera can capture. So, the camera with a wider angle length can cover longer or broad dimensions. The wider angle camera always has an edge over other types because they can capture 360 views and vanish the need for multiple cameras and make your single-camera multifarious in nature.

These are usually 5 variant of Best Security Camera For Shops.

1). Box CCTV Camera

best box type camera

These are professional cameras and precisely outlast bullet and dome cameras due to their long lifespan which makes them worth buying and installing under the banner of best CCTV camera in India.

2). Dome camera

dome camera

These cameras are known as dome camera because of their dome-like appearance and meant for banks, offices and homes. However, dome cameras can be employed for outdoor purposes as well for places such as hotels, parking areas, retail stores, malls because they will be aware of the direction they are monitoring and hence reduces the chances of robbery and theft.

Key Dome Camera Advantages:

  • More discreet – blends in with surroundings
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Rotating camera & wide-angle
  • Weatherproof
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Night Vision

3). Bullet Camera

best cctv camera brand in india

These are the another form of cctv camera which resembles a bullet shell and look like lipstick case in design. Since they are cylindrical in shape and mostly seen in outer areas, Street, playgrounds, crossroad and other crowded places to minimal effect of miscreant activities.

Main Bullet Camera Advantages:

  • Longer range
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Easy of installation
  • Night Vision
  • Weatherproof

4.) Covert CCTV

covert camera

These cameras are the best choice due to its being less noticeable by the general public because of its discrete appearance. The reason they are called covert these are not visible like other types of CCTV camera. However, they are installed in such a manner that they are not visible to the general public in order to manipulate the wrongdoer and catch them red-handed.

5) PTZ Camera

best cctv camera for jewellery shop

It is termed as best selling and predominant camera in the CCTV is giant in size and has cutting edge specifications which make it stand out.
The USP of this camera is its motion control feature and zoom feature in tilt format which elevated the security level. The PTZ CCTV cameras can monitor an object precisely and reliably in the nearness location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to decide best CCTV camera for a shop in India?
A. Though there are various factors But the most common factor to buy best CCTV Camera are waterproof and capable to withstand at a different temperature as per the change in season along with the IK rating also.

Q. Which type of CCTV support manual zoom?
A. The specific feature is only limited to PTZ’s cameras only and they have a range of CCTV camera of Standard zoom of 2.8-12 mm.

Q. What are the PTZ camera and its range?
A. The PTZ camera is a very expensive and sophisticated camera which comes with pan, tilt and zoom option. As far as range is concerned it has 1600 ft range which is 500 m.

Q. How to decide which camera works for darkness and night mode?
A. The best camera would be the one which has IR compatibility and will give clear & crisp view of living and non-living subjects, Many of camera comes with this features which are popular as a low light camera in CCTV market.

Q. What is the difference between wired and wireless CCTV cameras?
A. All these three cameras have their own significances. SO here your terms.

  • Wire– These CCTV cameras run only on the electrical power supply.
  • It does not require much monitoring
  • The output quality is high
  • Wired camera requires constant power to function
  • Needs upgrades and maintenance frequently
  • Wireless- These CCTV cameras worked over WI-FI power supply through a cable.
  • Excellent image capturing and display is quality
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for locations that need 24X7 security
  • Requires continuous monitoring
  • The interference can also affect the quality of the camera
  • Wireless cameras are quite expensive

Wirefree- These CCTV cameras run on WI-FI only and run power supply by battery only.

Q. What are network IP cameras?
A. These type of CCTV camera useinternet protocol for its mechanism and were initially very expensive and poor also.


Q. Which CCTV camera is best for shop?

A. We have put all the efforts in the making of this list. This complete buying guide will help you to choose and buy your Best security cameras for a shop. According to your need, budget, and preference. If you have any question regarding Best CCTV Camera For shop You can contact us

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