5 Best Faber Chimney For Kitchen in India: 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Faber Chimney For Kitchen in India: 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the Best Chimney for your Kitchen? If yes then the article will really help you. This article has covered the Best Faber Chimney in India. So let’s get started

Faber Chimney ISO 9001 certified dominator in the kitchen chimney and hood manufacturing and is an Italian origin firm. Faber is also the first to introduce Chimneys in the world of appliances and also there equips with European safety standards.

A chimney has been labeled as the exhaust junction in order to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen. Faber kitchen just not only cleans your kitchen but also gives a contemporary finish to your kitchen since its design is far elegant and graceful. Not only this but the Faber chimney also keep your cleanliness rating beyond 4 which is again a worth considerable factor.

The prominence of the Faber chimney is its property of keeping kitchen always smoke-free and also ensures a clean view 24*7. Faber was founded in Italy in 1955 until now they are delivering excellent Faber kitchen, Faber customer service, Faber chimney service, and other household appliances. Let’s dig deep and find out more about Faber’s chimney its property types and functions.

Faber has been a renowned and prestigious name in the appliances domain at a global level and has revolutionized the kitchen architecture. So here we have listed Faber top 5 kitchens Chimney.

Best Faber Chimneys in India

Top Faber Chimney For Kitchen in India

1. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1295 m3/hr (TENDER 3D)

This Faber 60 cm 1295 m3/hr chimney is on the first position of ranking and has marvellous performance overall. The USP of this Best Faber Chimney In India is its life-long warranty which ultimately gives you’re a sigh of relief after purchase.
Moreover, 3rd suction power technology e is something worth considering. Also, it comes with a convenient button that in result proven to be an electric shaver feature of this Faber Chimney India.

This is the only Faber island Chimney for kitchen in the world with three ways of suction process and exhausts the fumes smokes rapidly. It guarantees 25% more suction at a noise of 10 dBA. Also, it has three-layer baffle filters which are of stainless steel which comes with a lifetime warranty. Another feature is its 3 + 1 speed and individual button for indicator lights. Even the motor is powerful enough to generate suction at lesser noise.

faber chimney auto clean 60cm

Why to buy it?

  • Size 60 cm
  • Noise level 68 DB
  • Suction capacity 1295 m3/hr
  • Warranty 1 year
  • 12 year on motor
  • Baffle filter
  • Ductless
  • Pyramid type wall mounted
  • Push button control.

2. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1095 m3/hr (Glassy 3D)

This is in the top 2 categories of Premium Best Faber kitchen Chimney in India and is also a very demanding product. The design is a highly elegant and premium glossy and glossy finish. It also has three-way suction technology to eliminates fumes and smoke quickly from the kitchen and the motor is highly robust cum reliable which delivers massive suction. The three-layer baffle filter or also praiseworthy which absorbs all the smoke quickly overall it is the best pair of innovation, performance, and design.

faber ductless silent Suction chimney 60cm

Why to buy it?

  • Size 60 cm
  • Noise level 58 DB
  • Suction capacity 1095 m3/hr
  • Warranty 1 year
  • 12 year on motor
  • 3 layer Baffle filter
  • Single unit
  • Airflow displacement is 1095 cubic feet/minute.
  • Push-button control.

3. Faber Chimney 60cm 1000 m3/hr

This Best Faber chimney had a glass finish on its limbs which certainly gives it an edge and your Kitchen a premium look. Moreover, the LED Light indicator add a pleasant look and ease the user to have a clear view during cooking and an aesthetic look to the chimney.

Again, like the initial two chimneys, this has three-layer baffle filter technology which is most specifically for Indian kitchen and this baffle filter is fabricated with stainless steel and has a lifelong warranty which actually makes its worth buying. The motor installed in this Faber Chimney has swift suction potential to collect all particles at a very low noise level. Again it has a 3 + 1-speed separate button feature which makes you liberated to operate light irrespective of the speed button.

faber chimney with baffle filter

Why to buy it?

  • Size 60 cm
  • Noise level 58 DB
  • Suction capacity 1000 m3/hr
  • Warranty 1 year
  • 12 year on motor
  • 3 layer Baffle filter
  • Push-button control
  • Airflow displacement is 1095 cubic feet/minute.
  • Curved glass type, wall-mounted.

4. Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney (Hood Tratto)

This Faber 60cm 1000m3/hr Chimney is different from the last three Chimneys. This Faber Chimney comes with Tratoo hood and 2 triple-layer baffle filters which sucks oil and smoke particles instantly. This comes with a all-black design and a front extended plastic shed which looks fancy and fabulous. The suction power is of 1000m3/hr which consistently keeps your kitchen fume and smoke-free.

Chimney for kitchen

Why to buy it?

  • Size 60 cm
  • Noise level 62 DB
  • Suction capacity 1000 m3/hr
  • Warranty 1 year
  • 12 year on motor
  • 3 layer Baffle filter
  • Push-button control
  • Airflow displacement is 1000 cubic feet/minute.
  • Curved glass type, wall-mounted.

5. Faber 60 cm 800 m3/h Chimney (Glassy)

This Faber Chimney comes with all-over glass edges with the body of stainless steel and this looks far premium and luxury. This Chimney works as an icing on the cake and one must not give miss this. The motor of this Chimney is far efficient and powerful.

An interesting part of this Faber Chimney is that the noise level is also very less. Also, the suction power is highly strong which gathers all fumes, smoke, odor, and heat from the kitchen efficiently. It is also fabricated with a baffle filter, LED indicators on the panel along with push-button controls.

faber kitchen chimney 60cm price

Why to buy it?

  • Size 60 cm
  • Noise level 58 DB
  • Suction capacity 800 m3/hr
  • Warranty 1 year
  • 12 year on motor
  • Baffle filter
  • Push-button control
  • Airflow displacement is 800 cubic feet/minute.
  • Straight glass type, wall-mounted.

Types Of Faber Kitchen Chimney In India in 2021

  1. Faber Duct chimney
    The fabric duct chimney is designed in such a way that it sucks the air from the kitchen and expels it out from the kitchen into the outside.
  2. Faber Ductless chimney
    It is also has been claimed as a recycle Chimney and works completely opposite of duct chimney. Faber ductless Chimney India
    actually converts the stale air with the help of charcoal filters into fresh purified air and releases it back into the kitchen premises.

We have made a quick comparison to understand the basic difference between both Faber chimney India.

Duct Chimney
  • Expensive
  • Use mesh and baffle filter
  • Less noise
  • No frequent change
  • Less maintenance
Ductless chimney
  • Economical
  • Use charcoal filters
  • Produce more noise
  • Frequent change of filters
  • More maintenance

In the nutshell, both have its own significances but duct Chimney always have an edge for its being versatile in nature. Since you have more manual control and flexibility to run as per our need.

Types of filters employed in Faber Chimney

Filter act as the backbone of Faber Chimney because only this purifies carry forward. The stake air accumulated in the chimney
They are usually categorized into three categories

  1. Cassette Filter
  2. Carbon and charcoal filter
  3. Baffle filter

Cassette Filter

Shedding the light on the cassette filter of Faber Chimney, this is generally consisting of a layer of aluminum meshes which have holes over it on all the machines are overlie. It actually absorbs all coin and grime when the air passes through these holes. These filters need to clean after every two weeks to ensure the hassle-free running of the chimney otherwise it will create great noise and underperformance.

faber chimney Cassette Filter

Baffle filter

These filters are fabricated of either aluminum or stainless steel. There are two inches in dimensions that have two baffles, are placed parallelly equally. The spacing between two placed parallel baffles collects the oil and grease. These factors have cut and slash technology and it needs to clean once in every 60 to 90 days of the time period.

Baffle filter

Carbon and charcoal filter

Charcoal filters are not all the prime usage but they are considered as labelled as optional. This type of filter comes with a combination of baffle or mesh filters. The holes assimilated all the oil and smoke particles from stove air.

faber chimney carbon filter

Overall among all these filters baffle filters are robust, reliable, and long-lasting. This can be understood with every Indian kitchen style.

Type of chimney hood

Faber Kitchen Chimney has been introduced in the market with four prominent chimney hood styles.

A) Wall Mount Hood- This is frequently seen or adopted the style of the hood in every Indian kitchen. It is fixed on the wall and in a way that Chimney faces gas or induction.

B) Island Chimney- This is the second most commonly seen and has been attached to the ceiling and over the stove or induction.

C) Corner chimney- This is one of the flexible ones and can be drawn forward when we need to use and again push back to the wall by singer press with the help of a button.

D) Built-in Chimney- As its name justify it is installed in the cabinet of the kitchen which is fixed above the cooking panel. The USP of this is it is usually hidden and won’t be seen easily.

Seven Functional Features Of Best Faber Chimney In India

1) The Buzzer- This will beep immediately when it needs to be clean.

2) Led Indicator- This will blink when chimney is malfunctioning.

3) Auto Clean- This is the most sophisticated feature which collects all oil and after cleaning the suction works exceptionally amazing and best. This feature will suspend its working for temporary to carry out cleaning.

4) Auto heat sensor- It will auto turn off when any oil residue or particle sensed by sensor.

5) Detachable Oil Collector- It is part that can be removed when it absorbs all oil and again fitted back for better performance.

6) Push Button- These are most convenient and frequent to use for manual controlling.

7) Suction Power- This is the chief role of Faber Silent Chimney and while purchasing make sure it should be 480 cubic meters per hour. It usually lies between 400 to 1250.

Design Element of the Faber Chimney

The kitchen Chimney comes in different designs and layouts these are angular, straight line, curved glass, pyramid, straight glass, and box look alike.

A) Box type Chimney- It comes with a touch panel and LED indicator lights. The material used for it is of a high standard.

B) Pyramid type Chimney- They are highly energy saver and consume less energy power.

faber Pyramid-Chimney

C) Angular type chimney- The looks from you and has some amazing Suction power.

faber Angular Chimney

D) Straight line type Chimney / Island Chimney – Design design which is minimalistic and has space.

Straight line type Chimney

F) Curved glass Chimney These are very common and suitable for both large and small kitchens.

For any help and Faber Chimney India Service, you can call the Faber Chimney customer care No-

1800 209 3484

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How useful are chimneys?
A. Chimneys are useful and very productive appliance in the kitchen because it is the only gear which makes your kitchen look 24 *7 fresh and hygiene. Even it won’t even let your kitchen to stink.

Q. Which brands introduce the best chimney in the kitchen?
A. Though the market is dominated by the series of brand brands and Faber is always on the top of chimney production and rest Elica, Hindware, Glen, Seavy, Eurodomo, Sunflame, and Bosch

Q. Does the chimney actually works supremely?
A. It works just amazingly well and exhausts the warm air from the kitchen and makes the cooking aura more pleasant and soothing. It ensures the hygiene and cleanliness by its filters mechanism.

Q. How we can install the chimney?
A. Though at the time of purchase a mechanic will accompany you, but if you still want to do on your phone then you must first locate the location. Then drill the slots and fix the chimney. Afterwards, put the screws and then connect the cable to the connection in case if it is electrical.

Q. What kitchen chimney type should I buy?
A. It all depends upon the size of your kitchen and brand you prefer and most importantly your budget
. Other factors that matters are suction power, noise level,auto-clean feature, heat sensor, buzzer timer, etc.

Q. Can I clean filters with water?
A. Yes, definitely you are free to clean with anything. For that you can add detergent, baking soda, or vinegar. Make sure the water should be light warm and put your filter in them and leave for 30 min. Then clean them with the help of a cotton cloth.

Q. How often & why should clean the chimney?
A. It depends upon the type of filter it has. If it has a cassette filter then after every 15 days. On the other hand,
if it is baffle and mesh than once in every 3 months. If you won’t clean them, they will create high noise and won’t work properly.

Q. How to check what size of the chimney I need for my kitchen?
A. It usually measures cubic meters. First, measure the kitchen volume and it is always in a cubic meter. Then simply multiply it with 10 and you will get the dimension.

Q. How much does it cost to buy a chimney in India?
A. It again mainly depends on the budget you have and your brand preference. It starts with a price tag of 3000 and goes uto 10,000 and even more.

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5 Best Faber Chimney For Kitchen in India: 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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