5 Best Geyser Under 5000 In India: Reviews 2021

5 Best Geyser Under 5000 In India: Reviews 2021

If you are looking for Best Geyser Under 5000 then this article will help you a lot.

Water geysers have become an integral part of the bathroom. Most of the reputed electronic brands has revolutionized water geyser over a period of time. A water heater is best designed for winters to make our bathing experience more soothing and pleasant. Nowadays water heaters are easy and safe to use unlike traditional methods of heating which were even more vulnerable to any hazard while heating. Once installed, they only need to be switched on while in use.

Choosing the Best Geyser Under 5000 rupees isn’t going to be a difficult task anymore because our list of best water geysers under 5000 rupees will surely help you to pick the best model.

List of Top 5 Best Geyser Under 5000

We have reviewed a wide range of water heaters in different sizes, features and styles to give you a brief idea about its performance and convenience features.

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Best Geyser Under 5000 In India

1. Orient Electric Aqua Spring Storage 15L Vertical Water Heater

Orient company has been as well established name in the industry of appliances and providing a range of water heating solutions and it has been Labelled as Best Geyser under 5000. Its classic design, super quality, durability and robustness makes it super efficient water heater which delivers hot water for your family. It comes with a 15 litre of storage capacity.

With a classic design, the Orient electric Aquaspring is a super-efficient water heater offering super hot water for you and your family. It comes with a 15-litre water tank with TIG welding technology making it stronger and leakage proof.

Moreover, it comes with multiple safety features such as double thermal protection devices, thermostat & thermal cut-out, Anti-siphon hole etc. And its heavy copper heating element comes with Nickel coating to prevent it from corrosion for a long period of time.

  • 5 Year on Tank, 2 year on heating element & 2 year on product
  • Variable Pressure Compatibility
  • Nickel coating for good corrosion resistance
  • TIG welding technology used in tank
  • BEE 5 star rated for energy saving
  • Not suitable for high rise building
  • Manual Control
  • No auto sensor.

2. VGuard SprinhotPlus Best Geyser under 5000

VGuard Water Heater is on the second list of Best Geyser under 5000 and even best-suited geyser for hard waters. Its compact size is what makes it a deal to grab and you can convert your bathroom into a personal mini-spa and enjoy a quick relaxing warm water bath at any time of the day.

The PUF insulation technology helps to minimize heat loss so that you do not worry about high power consumption anymore. Moreover, it comes with Penta safety features which include Thermostat, b) Thermal cut off, c) Pressure release valve (PRV), d) Non returning valve (NRV), e) Fusible plug

Because of its quality, durability and robustness, it has been most favoured by the majority of Indians. Also, VGuard is a renowned Indian brand which delivers home appliances best in class.

  • Highly energy efficient
  • 5 Years inner tank warranty 2-year product warranty
  • Penta safety protection system
  • BEE 5 star rated for energy saving
  • Rustproof ABS material
  • Superior performance and extended durability
  • 304-grade high-quality Inner stainless steel tank
  • Manual Control
  • No auto sensor.

3. Bajaj Caldia 10 Litre Best Vertical Water Geyser Under 5000

Bajaj Caldia Storage is the third in the list Best Geyser under 5000. It is India’s most prominent brand and favoured by the majority of Indians. This Bajaj model comes with the adjustable thermostat or thermal cut off feature which helps in effective power saving. Also, the inner tank comes with a special Titanium Armour Technology to prevent it from corrosion and rusting. The box of Bajaj geyser contains Water Heater Unit, Multi Function Safety Valve, PVC Drain Pipe, Warranty card, User manual

It is the best geyser for hard water and gives you a pleasant bathing experience. Apart from this, it comes with swirl flow technology which ensures 20% faster heating of water. The enamelled 10L tank and even its 8 bar pressure make it best suited for all type of water.

  • Highly energy efficient
  • 2 years on Product; 2 years on Heating Element; 5 years on Tank
  • BEE 5 star rated for energy saving
  • Swirl Flow Technology for energy saving
  • Titanium Armour Technolog for longer life
  • ABS Material
  • Multiple safety systems
  • IPX4 waterproof technology
  • Installation is paid
  • Manual control
  • No auto sensor.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Capacity 10 litres
  • BEE-5 STAR Rating
  • Voltage -2000
  • ISI certification
  • 8 bar rated pressure

4. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Best Instant Geyser under 5000

Havells Instanio is a fourth-Best Geyser under 5000 in India in 2020 and It comes under the category of the instant geyser. This geyser has an LED indicator which changes its colour from blue to amber to indicate the hotness of the water. The inner container is made up of 304-grade stainless steel to lengthen the life span of the geyser. The 0.65 MPa Bar Pressure makes it suitable for high rise buildings. Moreover, it is ISI Marked and ISI certified which come under 2 years warranty on product and 5 years on the condenser.

  • Highly energy efficient
  • 2 years on product and 5 years on the condenser
  • LED Indicator
  • ABS outer body for long life
  • ISI Marked and ISI certification
  • Fire retardant power cord for maximum safety
  • ABS Material
  • Suitable for high rise buildings
  • Manual control
  • Less storage capacity
  • Not Suitable for big famalies

5. American Micronic Imported Best Geyser under 5000

The American micronic is On 5th list of Best Geyser under 5000 in India. It is one of the international manufacturers of the horizontal geyser and well-renowned brand also. It comes with a capacity of 15 litres & very powerful cum robust and energy-efficient which designed to take your shower experience to next level. The USP of this horizontal geyser is its protection against dry heating and excess pressure with a fire retardant and 3 pin plug.

best geyser brand In India

It comes with a high-quality corrosion-free metal white body and a circular knob on the right side which gives it an attractive look. American micronic is Ip X4 resistant beat act as a shield against moisture whether. This model comes with Multiple Safety protections against overheating, overpressure and electric shock. Moreover, the ultra-thick stainless steel tank is far more robust and durable.

The best part of American Micronics is that it is ISO 9001: 2008 certified by Australia and even better than Indian BEE 5 Star.

  • 8 bar pressure
  • 25 litre imported horizontal water heater
  • Multi safety protection against overheating, overpressure, and shock.
  • Auto cut off
  • Australia ISO certified
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • Variable temperature controller
  • Protection against dry heating
  • Not Suitable for salty water

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Water geyser in India is available in various categories based on their design, storage and source of power. Here we will discuss Best Geyser under 5000 based on their source of power, design and Storage Tank.

Geyser Based On Source Of Power

1). Solar geyser

Solar geyser are those which garnish energy by converting solar energy to heat energy. These are best suitable for nuclear families but at the same time they are expensive to, however it will payoff in long-term. They are eco-friendly and saves your electricity bills. These geyser have major drawback that they cannot be operated in rainy seasons so to solve this problem companies have introduced Solar and Pump water heater which uses pump to heat up the water and provide uninterrupted flow of water in every season.

2). Gas water Geyser

Gas water geyser are those which use LPG or PNG to heat up the water. These geysers require more space and comes with minimum or no storage capacity tank. Gas geysers usually comes in instant type of water geyser because they heat water in very less time. However, these geysers releases carbon monoxide which needs to be ventilated because this gas is harmful for health. Also, gas geysers are less safe in comparison to gas geysers.

3). Electric Geyser

Electric geysers are most favored Best Geyser under 5000 by the majority of Indians. These comes various design, space and are easy to install. Electric geysers are easy to use and are more affordable than any other types of geyser. Moreover these geysers comes with various safety feature so the risk of hazard are very less.

4). Air-to-Heat Water Heater

This is the most innovative technology introduced by various brands in the Indian market. Air-to-Heat water geysers generates heat from its surrounding environment. It uses electricity energy to transfer heat from one part to another instead of using it to heat the water. It basically act as refrigerator in reverse order.

Geyser Based On There Shape

1). Vertical geyser

Vertical geyser are tradional geysers which can be seen in almost every single home because they are economical. Vertical geysers are easy to install and also come in the category of instant geysers.

2). Horizontal Geysers

To solve the problem of space constraints brands come up with the idea of horizontal geysers. They give a premium look to your bathroom and are quite expensive. Those with lower ceilings must prefer horizontal geysers. However they are not as effective as vertical geysers.

Type of Heating Element in Best Geyser Under 5000

1). Dry heating element

Dry heating element does comes in direct contact with water also geysers equipped with dry heating element does not releases any discharge current during bath so they are very safe.

2). Wet heating Element

The heating element is constantly in contact with the water, which leads to rapid heating. However, the downside is the frequency of maintenance and risk of getting electric shock..

What features the Best Geyser under 5000 should have?

A). Warranty

Always check the warranty at the time of buying Best Geyser under 5000 so that in case if you find any inconvenience under any circumstances then you can file claim for it’s repair /exchange under that period.

B). Inner tank coating

Before buying a geyser make sure that it comes with a protective inner coating like enamel coating to protect it from rust corrosion and stains for its longer life.

C). Insulation

Best Geyser under 5000 must have good PUF installation to maintain the heat longevity and making it leak proof for longer term.

D). Quik-check certificate

Make sure that the geyser you are buying has passed QA check and all the standards which ensure its safety against shock-proof, over-heating, leak proof and many other.

E). Overheat protection

This makes sure your geyser has overheat protection feature which makes it less prone to any accident and makes your geyser safe.

F). Safe

Nowadays most of the brands have come up with new innovative Penta security feature which enables protection from all the hazards. These features include Thermostat, Thermal cut off, Pressure release valve (PRV), Non-returning valve (NRV), Fusible plug to ensure a safe and pleasant bathing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is the installation cost of the storage water heater in India?
A. Many companies offer free installation to there users but in some cases installation is paid and usually charge around 500/700 INR.

Q. What is included in the box of a water geyser?
A. The the box of geyser includes basic parts which are water heater warranty card and manual. Also, hanging supporters, fastener and screws. Apart from this, some brands offer free small pipe for pressure vale but some brands also charge for this during installation.

Q. How much time is required to heat Up the 15 Liters complete water?
A. Time is taken to heat up water usually depends on the type of geyser and its temperature settings. Instant geysers usually take 4-5 min to heat water whereas normal electric geyser takes 10-15 min.

Q. What is the life of a storage water geyser?
A. Most have the brands have come up with special coating in the inner and outer surface to protect it from rust and corrosion which increase its life span. But mostly the life of storage water geyser depends on your usage and maintenance.

Q. For what purpose we can use it other than bathing?
A. Yes, can use it for cleaning dishes and clothes as well. So it will like serve your multiple purpose..

Q. What is BEE star rating?
A.  BEE is actually a maja standard of electrical power consumption. So, the higher the number of star the more saving of electricity bill you can notice. So always go for a fridge between 4 to 5 rating..

Conclusion Of BBest Geyser under 5000

We have put all the efforts in the making of this list. This complete buying guide will help you to choose and buy your Best geyser under 5000 In India according to your need, budget, and preference. We hope that you have learned a lot from it as we are happy to impart our knowledge regarding best geyser under 5000.

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