Best Horizontal geyser In India For Bathroom: Reviews 2021

Best Horizontal geyser In India For Bathroom: Reviews 2021

If you want to buy the Best Horizontal geyser In India then this article will help you a lot.

Water geyser has been revolutionized over the given time frame and has been coming in various models. Geyser is an integral part of the bathroom and is best curated for winter purpose to make your shower experience more soothing and pleasant. The geyser is a very effective appliance to heat up your water quickly unlike traditional methods of heating which were even more vulnerable to any hazard while heating.

Why do we need Horizontal geyser?

If your bathroom ceiling is not very high then you would not be able to fit in other type of geysers.So, horizontal geysers are actually designed serve and solve this purpose.

Horizontal geysers are best suited for hard water and have a very compact design and specially fabricated for minimalistic space.
However, the vertical geyser demand at least a minimum of two feet of vertical length. So, that is the reason when your ceiling is low and space is minimal then horizontal geyser is the best money for value.

Since the market is providing various options for or horizontal geyser from various brands on E-Commerce sites and market as well. But here we have come up with some of superior Best Horizontal Geyser In India in 2020.

List of Top 5 Best Horizontal geyser In India

Best Horizontal geyser In India

1. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage Best Horizontal Water Geyser

AO has been as well established name in the industry of appliances and providing a range of water heating solutions and it has been Labelled as Best Horizontal Geyser in India . The quality, durability and robustness are for amazing and best in class, and it has been most favoured by the majority of Indians and remain their first pick. It comes with a 15 litre of storage capacity and a blue diamond glass-lined tank which look mesmerizing. The power of 2000 watt make it powerful and has a heater which comes with 7 years of warranty. The 4-year warranty on glass coated heating element and a total of 2 years on product.

horizontal geyser

Special Features & Specifications

  • Thermostat– This unit helps to maintain the temperature at the required level.
  • 8 high-pressure bar rating -The Horizontal geyser is BEE 4 star rated.
  • PUF injection mechanismThis mechanism insurance equal uniform distribution of foam. This result in a negligible gap between the tank and isolation which ensures maximum energy efficiency.
  • Intel water diffuser– It diffuses and breaks incoming water supply into smaller steam and convert the flow of water from vertical to horizontal.
  • Double Coat Glass Lining-the glass lining comes with double coated which enhance the thickness and gives better protection.
  • HSE HAS-This factor minimal the occurrence of corrosion and lengthen the life span and also the anode rode has a cathodic mechanism which fights against corrosion.
  • BEE 4 star rating which makes it more energy convenient.
  • Auto power cut off feature

2. Havells Monza Slim Best Horizontal Storage Water Heater

Havells Monza slim is on the second list of Best Horizontal Geyser In India in 2020 and even best-suited geyser for hard waters. It’s super portable and compact size is what makes it a deal to grab. As far as design is concerned, for glass technology and incoloy glass coating element has been used to strengthen the durability and lifespan. Even the water tubes are fitted with whirl flow technology. The box of Havells geyser contains Flexi pipe which makes it worth convenient for design.

havells geyser

Special Features & Specifications

  • High-density PUF insulations
  • Oncology heating element
  • Auto power off
  • 8 bar pressure
  • Ferro class coated tank which avoids corrosion
  • Premium design and smooth texture
  • Easy to clean
  • Very easy installation

3. Venus Magma Plus Horizontal Storage Water Heater

Venus magma is the third-best horizontal geyser in India in 2020 and the heating element used in venus magma plus horizontal geyser is the glass-lined double ceramic heating element which gives even distribution of heat. Also, the inner tank is coated with porcelain enamel glass lined tank and outer shell of the body is made up of plastic.

bathroom water geyser

Even cut off button is what makes is a best horizontal geyser in India. Since this makes it more energy-efficient and economical. Moreover, the noise level is highly low and heat the 15 litres of water in just 5 minutes. Even the combo of white and ivory just look fancy and premium. BEE -4 star rating makes it more convenient and very efficient which makes it best horizontal geyser in India 2020.

It is best geyser for hard water and gives you a wonderful bathing experience. Apart from this, it comes with scale guard technology which reduces deposited scale and also reduces the stress on heating element. Moreover, it is ISI certified Indian first BIS approved water heater with porcelain . The enameled 6L tank and even its 8 bar pressure makes it best suited for hard water.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Capacity 15 litres
  • BEE-4 STAR Rating
  • Voltage -2000
  • Porcelain enamel glass lined tank
  • PP outer plastic body
  • ISI certification
  • 8 bar rated pressure
  • Free installation Pan India
  • Noise-free heating
  • Auto power cut off

4. Black + Decker Best Horizontal Water Heater In India

Black decker is fourth-best horizontal geyser in India in 2020 and It has all-white design. The inner container is perfectly engineered Quadro glass technology is used to lengthen the life span of the horizontal geyser. It also comes with a water heater glass also features and this glass coated incoloy. The heating element which is curated to prevent heating which lengthens the lifespan of a heating element.

Best Horizontal geyser In India

The thermostat controls the accurately sets temperature between 25% 70° C. The safety of black decker 15-litre horizontal geyser is just of another level because it preset thermal cut provides precise temperature control by disconnecting power supply if the temperature of water exceeds a set limit.

Also the multifunction safety value at as anti vacuum, non return, drainage unit making it on the the safest horizontal geyser in india in 2020.

Special Features & Specifications

  • BEE star rating- This feature makes it more economical energy efficient.
  • Quadro glass technology– This ensures that quick heating of liquid which will save time.
  • Glass coated Incoloy element– It protects the heating element surface from scaling.
  • 8 bar rated pressure– Makes it best choice for high raised building
  • High-density PUF insulation– The high-density isolation has retained the heat that is crucial in energy conservation.
  • Preset thermal cut off– Automatically cut off temperature when the heat of water reaches a certain level of temperature.
  • Multifunction safety value– Mix precious table and enable a safer user of items.
  • 15 litres capacity
  • 2000 watts, 220-24/ volts

5. American Micronic Imported Horizontal Water Heater In India

The American micronic is On 5th list of best horizontal geyser in India. It is one of the internal manufacturers of the horizontal geyser and well-renowned brand also. It comes with a capacity of 15 litres & very powerful cum robust and energy-efficient which designed to take your shower experience to next level. The USP of this horizontal geyser is its protection against dry heating and excess pressure with a fire retardant and 3 pin plug.

best geyser brand In India

It comes with a completely white body and a circular knob on the right side. Inside of glass chamber is of Titanium and corrosion-free also. American micronic is Ip X4 resistant beat act as a shield against moisture whether. It is Best Horizontal geyser In India for Bathroom. Moreover, the variable temperature controls the water temperature and we are liberated to set the temperature between 30 to 75 degree Celsius.

The auto cut off function is best to make it energy-efficient and minimal the unnecessary usage of heating coils. Even the Ultra thickness of steel tank which is internal is for more robust and durable. The best part of American Micronics is that it is ISO 9001: 2008 certified by Australia and even CU certified. Also, it is German certified and European economic area approved which gives as technology and high and build quality.

Special Features & Specifications

  • 8 bar pressure
  • 15 liter imported horizontal water heater
  • Glassine tank AM1-WHH-15LDX ultra thick inner tank
  • Multi safety protections against overheating, overpressure, and shock.
  • Auto cut off
  • Australia ISO certified
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • Variable temperature controller
  • Protection against dry heating

Before you make up your mind to buy one we have made a quick comparison to differentiate between horizontal and vertical geyser.

1). Vertical geyser

Vertical geyser is one of traditional and they are installed in vertical alignment that’s why they are known as vertical geyser and even they are more energy-efficient even. The best part of vertical geyser is it stratification which is a major role of its mixing cold and hot water. The popularity of turbulence is far less in vertical geyser as compared to horizontal geyser.

Vertical geyser
  • Economical
  • Need vertical space
  • More efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Looks traditional
Horizontal geyser
  • Costlier
  • No need vertical space
  • Less efficient
  • Difficult installation
  • Looks premium

What factors and features the Best Horizontal Geyser In India do have?

A). Safe

The safety features of the horizontal geyser are that it must be equipped with overrated protections, auto-off pressure release valve. These all are the rudimentary safety standards of horizontal geyser, and another important feature is auto of which got auto off when it reaches a certain amount of temperature.

B). Installation Guide

The horizontal geyser must have a user guide which is the installation process and won’t cause any trouble while installation.

C). Quik-check certificate

Make sure that the horizontal geyser has passed all standard checks which ensure its safety and make it best geyser in India

D). Warranty

Always check the warranty at the time of buying horizontal geyser so that in case if you find any inconvenience under any circumstances then you claim it’s repair /exchange on that period.

E). Insulation

Horizontal geyser must have good good PUF installation to maintain the heat longevity.

F). Inner tank coating

Make sure that the enamel coating is in the inner tank which makes it live longer by eliminating the heat of rust corrosion and stain.

G). Overheat protection

This makes sure your horizontal geyser has to overheat protection feature which makes it less prone to any accident and makes your water safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is the installation cost of the horizontal storage water heater in India?
A. Usually it cost around but it is free for a metro city. But some of the models come with free installation by the company.

Q. What is included in the box of Horizontal geyser?
A. The the box, comes with four basic parts which are water heater warranty card and manual. Also, fastener and screws and hanging supporters. Apart from this, you will also get a small pipe for pressure vale.

Q. How much time is required to heat Up the 15 Liters complete water?
A. It usually depends upon the KV and amperage of power supply you have provided and temp setting does mater here.

Q. Are these models coming with Auto cut off features?
A. Yes, majority of horizontal geyser comes with a advanced technology which will auto cutoff the power supply.

Q. What is the life of horizontal storage water geyser?
A. It all depends on your usage and maintenance and proper caring schedules.

Q. For what purpose we can use it other than bathing?
A. Yes, can use it for cleaning dishes and clothes as well. So it will like serve your multiple purpose..

Q. What is BEE star rating?
A.  BEE is actually a maja standard of electrical power consumption. So, the higher the number of star the more saving of electricity bill you can notice. So always go for a fridge between 4 to 5 rating..

Conclusion Of Best Horizontal geyser In India

We have put all the efforts in the making of this list. This complete buying guide will help you to choose and buy your Best Horizontal geyser In India  Reviews According to your need, budget, and preference. We hope that you have learned a lot from it as we are happy to impart our knowledge regarding best horizontal geysers inn India.

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