Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi under 15000: Reviews 2021

Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi under 15000: Reviews 2021

The world of printing has been transforming enormously with the range of ink tank printer they have been introducing in the market. Printer are undoubtly serving and solving the purpose efficiently reliable. Moreover, these printers are also Wi-Fi enabled which give it an edge over another type of printer in the same segment.

However, the InkJet printer with Wi-Fi is a more economical choice than the LaserJet printer. Multi Furious brand has introduced the Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi in the market in order to serve the office and academic purpose and much more.

So our team of Bestapplianceshut has thoroughly scrutinized all best ink tank printer company and has curated this article for you to go through if you literally want to have worth spending. Apart from this, many of you are still confused about the difference between Inkjet and InkTank printer.

Undoubtedly they are 99% identical with the expectation of their supply service of ink. In interject printer, the Ink travels from stand-alone cartridges. However, in the case of ink tank printer, separated tank is attached to the body which acts as reserves to deliver the ink to the printer via a thin tube into the cartridge.

Top 5 Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi

Best ink tank printer with Wifi

Warranty Period 




1 Years

1 Years

1 Years

1 Years

1 Years

So now let’s dig deep and take you to the best (K) in India from the prestigious brand with promising functionality.

Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi under 15000

1. HP 410 All-in-One Best Ink Tank Color Printer with Voice-Activated Printing and Wifi

Moreover, the HP Ink Tank Color Printer with Voice-Activated Printing and Wifi is All-in-One because it can print scan and copy task with a single button press and conveniently. The factor that makes its best wifi ink tank printer is it’s very low per-page cost along with its being all in one in nature.

HP 410 All-in-One Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi

Apart from this, the convenient of resealable bottles and the unique ink tank system of this Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi makes it a worth and Shirley recommended choice. Also, the monitoring of ink level in the container is very easy due to transparent Chambers.

The USP of this Hp printer is that it comes with a voice-activated command control feature which makes it unique in itself and completely hassle-free when it comes to operating remotely with the help of Alexa and Google home.

As far as connectivity is concerned either an access point or wireless router is enough to run wirelessly. The best part of buying this Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi is the after service by the HP which is very reliable and save and also available 24 7 from 9 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.It is ideal for home office regular having usage with a capacity of 300 pages per month and 1000 duty cycles.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Printer type ink tank
  • All in one Functionality (print, scan, copy)
  • Page size supported – a4, b5, a6, dl, envelope
  • Connectivity type USB, wi-fi, and hp official smart app
  • 7.5 pages per minute
  • 1000 pages per month prints
  • 1-year Warranty from the date of purchase
  • Easy and Convenient ink management
  • Wireless connectivity
  • All-in-one Ink tank printer
  • Voice-Activated Printing

    2. Epson EcoTank L3150 Best ink tank printer under 15000 for home use with wifi

    A well-known and name in the field of printing devices and has unveiled its product called Epson Ecotank which is ranked as the second Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi in India. The Epson Inktank printer if compact and all Black design look just premium and have a very powerful processor which gives the unmatchable result of printing at 33 PPM at an amazing printing resolution of 5760 DPI.

    Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi can take up to 4500 pages (black) and more than 7000 colouring pages Smoothly. However, the ink tank of Epson is completely integrated into the body to gives it a compact and sophisticated appearance. The connectivity will blow your mind since you can independently pair up to four devices.

    Also, the connecting feature of iprint, email print, driver and the remote print driver gives a completely hassle-free and easy painting facility. The print quality of Epson Ecotank is also going to drop your jaw because it gives vibrant and realistic results at a resolution of 5760 DPI with borderless printing up to 4 hours.

    So what makes it a more worthy choice and also if you are concerned about your monthly electric then it is proven recommended Best Wifi ink tank printer as it only draws as less than 12W of power.

    Special Features & Specifications

    • Printer Ink Tank
    • Functionality multifunction print scan copy
    • Connectivity wireless USB Ethernet, App connectivity
    • Page size supported A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL
    • Warranty – 1 year or 30,000 pages whichever is the earlier on-site warranty from the date of purchase
    • High Print Speed and Page Yield
    • Smart and Compact Design
    • Photo-Lab quality vivid sharp prints
    • Low Power Consumption

      3. Best Brother ink tank printer with wifi

      The Brother Ink tank is the third Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi in India is also one of all one printer with a Wi-Fi free and duplex printing feature also which makes it the best in the segment. This USP of this printer is its duplex printing feature which gives you the feature of two-sided painting that unlimitedly reduces the operating cost and makes your printing job more economical.

      Moreover, it can be yield 2-up and 4-up on a single sheet which also saves paper unit for the task of layout and drafts. The tray of this Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi can houses 150 sheets easily which also have a separate single-sheet manual feed slot also the auto document feeder let 20 sheets for scanning and copying.

      The connectivity of this Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi is also worth considering as it allows an entire workgroup to share one device along with direct printing from mobile wirelessly. The quality of printing is also good as per the reviews our team has collected from the users.

      Also, the installation setup is very easy and highly appreciate the DuPlex printing feature. Moreover, the A4 size printing by the best brother ink tank printer is for smooth and quick ok and the scanning by using ADF is also commendable.

      Special Features & Specifications

      • Printer type LaserJet
      • Functionality All In One (Print, Scan, Copy)
      • Connectivity USB, ethernet
      • Pages yield 2600
      • Duty Cycle – 10,000 pages a month 
      • Paper size supported A4, Letter, A5, A5(Long Edge), A6, Executive, Legal, Folio, Mexico Legal, India Legal

      4. Canon Best ink tank wifi printer under 15000 in India

      Canon is in the fourth position with its product under the label of best ink tank printer and this printer gives a print speed of 8.8 ppm for text or 5ppm for colour. This best ink tank printer with Wifi uses G1-290 cartridges which give on appealing print quality.

      This is also one of all in one printer with the feature of the print scan, copy, fax and useless capabilities which makes it a superior multifunction Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi. The connectivity it supports are. Airprint, Mopria Print, google cloud print & canon print from any smart device.

      Noticeably, it can print up to 6000 pages in black & white format & 7000 pages in colour format and this is attributed to its mega tank which gives a cost-effective printing. The best color printer under 15000 is that it has 30x the amount of mare ink in comparison to the standard set of ink cartridges.

      Special Features & Specifications

      • Printer type Ink Tank
      • Multi-Functional print scan copy
      • Connectivity type USB Wi-Fi Ethernet
      • Page size supported 4.0″x6.0″ till A4 / Letter / Legal / A5 / B5 
      • Max print resolution  4800 x 1200 dpi
      • Page yield – 6000 pgs
      • LCD display on the printer (1.2 inch)
      • Integrated InkTank Printer System
      • High-Quality Photo and Document Printing
      • A Budget-Friendly Option Save Ink Cost

        5. Brother Best all in one ink tank printer with wifi in India

        This is the second-best product by brother which gives effective & reasonable results. Undoubtedly this is also All in one Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi which can part, copy, scan fax easily. Also, there is a 2.7 inches colour screen provided on the printer for monitoring and is a touch screen as well.

        This printer also supports duplex printing & proximity technology capabilities. The ultra-high LC3035 cartridge can print up to 6000 pages approximately and 5000 colour pages. The investment touch of Brother Best all in one ink tank printer with wifi in India can hold more ink with a printing tenure of 1 year without replacing cartridges and also you can easily monitor the ink level.

        This pinter has business capable features such as NFC, mobile printing for quick & smart printing. The USP of this printer is the Brother intelligent Page Gauge an easy and numerical very analyse the amount of ink that has been used and left which ensures the hassle-free working of time-sensitive print job & important assignment.

        Special Features & Specifications

        • Printer type ink Tank
        • Multi-Functional (print, scan, copy)
        • Pages yield 5000
        • Connectivity USB, Wifi, ethernet
        • Print at Full Speed
        • Paper size supported A4, B5, A5, LGL, LTR, Executive, Envelope C5 / COM10 / DL, Monarch
        • Transparent cover tank allows easily and accurately Refill
        • Built-in Wi-Fi allows Print from anywhere
        • Efficiently handles task
        • This printer speed up your workflows

          So still, there has been a long battle going between InkTank and Ink cartridge printer. So don’t give a miss to this for the coming article which shed light on the comparison of both types of printers.

          1). Ink Tank

          InkTank are referred to be refillable printers which used in built bulk ink mechanism to do printing which minimal the cartridge replacement policy because there is also no head like element installed. So the bottom line of ink tank is that they witnessed to be more economical as their operating cost is quite low unlike ink Cartridge Printer.

          Ink tank printer has capacity to yield 6000 to 7000 pages in single refill. Above all the result quality is also commendable and worth grabbing eye ball over ink cartridge.

          • Artificial seal
          • Stoppng dried ink in motion
          • Premium printing quality
          • 100% compatability
          • Large page yield
          • High Initial Setup cost.

          2). Ink Cartridge

          Only factor which make it different from inkTank printer is that the ink cartridge is provided separately with an pre-installed head for ink filling purpose. In case when printer run out of ink then it can be either replaced or refilled. Even this is conventional form of printer and ink tank are of latest technology.

          • 100% Compatibility
          • Low initial setup cost
          • Higher replacement cost
          • Printer ink will dry up

          What factors make your Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi worth choice?

          1). Processing speed

          The Steep is undoubtedly the factor that ensures the overall performance so always pick the one which comes with the latest generation processor in order to minimize the effect of lag.

          2). Page yield capacity

          Traditional ink cartridge printer can print 300-400 pages with a single cartridge. But on the other hand, an ink tank can print up to 1000 pages or even more.

          3). Print quality

          The printing quality of traditional and Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi in India are almost equal. However, inktank printers are capable to give the desired result for purely photo painting while the Ink cartridge can print effectively and easily on every kind of paper and size.

          4). Cost of printing

          Since ink tank printers are new so the new mechanism in shows the printing at low cost but the cartridge ink printers will seem more expensive because the replacement of the cartridge will cost 700 per cartridge.

          Connectivity options

          1). Ethernet cable

          The inktank printer also supports the wired connecting feature which is though traditional and gives a mess look noticeably can connect the single printer with multiple computers simultaneously.

          2). USB cable

          This way of connecting ink tank printer is similar to the initial method but can only be connected to one device at a time. Moreover, it requires more space, unlike Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

          3). WIFI

          Connectivity is the other most important factor while purchasing a Printer inn India. The majority of laser printers have very quick and responsive connectivity which make them more convenient and easy to use. Most ink tank printers come with Wi-Fi to make them look clean and sophisticated after installation setup.

          Moreover, the new printers also come with the connectivity option of WIFI direct, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth. Thought the establishment of connection through WIFII is dominating which elevates its processing. Most of the new Printer today is equipped with dual WIFI channel, unlike the traditional single-channel WIFI.

          4). Bluetooth

          It is another most common and conventional method of connection not in just printers but also in other devices also. Though it is a traditional method but was witnessed as reliable also.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Q. How to clean an InkTank printer?
          A. Cleaning a printer is not a touch job all you need is a cotton swab, a fast vacuum cleaner or canned air, clean dry cloth and rubbing alcohol. First, you need to take out the cartridge and clean the cartridge with a cotton cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. After that clean the ink head with some alcohol and then remove the excess ink from it. In the last step, you need to dry your cartridge with a vacuum cleaner and finally put back the ink-head / cartridge.

          Q. How to connect two computers to one printer?
          A. NOw days connetcing a printer to multiple computers is very easy with networking. First connect first computer after that open “Devices and Printers” on the second computer/laptop, click “Add a printer,” select the “Add a network, Wifi (wireless) or Bluetooth printer” option, click on the printer, click “Next,” and then follow the remaining steps to finish adding the shared printer. Now both your computers can use the same printer.

          Q. How to print both sides in an Inktank printer?
          A. To print on both side you need to do some printing settings on your computer.

          1. Go to the Control panel.
          2. Select Printers and Faxes option.
          3. Click on Printing prefrences
          4. Select Finishing tab
          5. Check Print on both sides option
          6. Now click on Apply to save the settings

          Q. How to scan a paper in a printer?
          A. Turn on the printer and open the scanner lid. Then load the paper which you wish to scan into the tray. Place the document in the correct place with face-down in the scanner. After then click the scanner button and your document will be scanned.

          Q. How many pages does an InkTank printer print with single cartilage?
          A. The factor varies with the various models and depending on the price and your need. Some of the models can even lead up to 1000 pages as well and some even beyond that.

          Q. What type of connectivity option does this printer come with?
          A.  Printers now days come with muliple connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, internet personal, network and even via Nfc. Yoou can opt for any option you are comforttable with.


          We hope you like our article on Best ink tank Printer With Wifi have put all the efforts in making this list. Our review and guidelines will help you buy the perfect printer for you according to your need and budget. Feel free to drop your comments and quires we will surely revert back to you as soon as possible.

          Best ink tank printer with Wi-Fi under 15000: Reviews 2021
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