Top 5 LG Refrigerator For Kitchen in India: 2020 Reviews

Top 5 LG Refrigerator For Kitchen in India: 2020 Reviews

If you want to buy the best LG refrigerator/fridge in India then this article will help you a lot.

LG Refrigerator is the one of most popular cum prominent brands of appliances in the kitchen world. One cannot think of his home and kitchen without a refrigerator as it is the only machine that not only keeps the food fresh & germs free as well.

There are a number of brands that have laid and settle their refrigerator in the market with amazing specifications. But LG is the only brand which is is cut above the rest and will definitely make yours and your kitchen’s life good because this is what their Tag line promise to delivers.

LG has introduced various variants of the refrigerator which are labeled as LG refrigerator side by side, LG refrigerator single door, and LG refrigerator double door. You can easily pick your desired choice under different price tags.

Best LG Refrigerators in India

Top LG Refrigerators For Indian Kitchen

1. LG 235 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This LG refrigerator comes with a 4-star BEE rating which seems for energy-efficient and will generate fewer electricity bills. LG GLD241ASSCY 235 liters come with flower glossy print with a super silent mechanism with a smart inverter compressor. The direct cool technology maintains the cooling for 4-5 hours even after power cuts.

Moreover, the shelves are spill-proof and are made up of toughened glass which is unbreakable in nature. The best part is that it comes with anti-bacteria and air tighten gasket, fast ice maker, spacious, chiller zone and also it is stabilizer free operation (90v~310

Lg 235 litre single door refrigerator

Feature cum Technical Specifications

ColorScarlet Charm
Capacity235 Litres
Defrost SystemDirect Cooling
BEE Rating4 Star
Fresh Food Capacity200 Litres
Freeze Capacity35 Litres
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
Launched Year4.2 out of 5

Why to buy it?

  • Inverter Compressor
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • BEE 4 Star rating
  • Spill-proof toughened glass shelf
  • Smart Connect
  • Solar Smart fridge

2. LG 215 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The LG 215L model name D221AB6Y is in second place under the level of LG best refrigerator in India in 2020 and has a 5-star rating which makes it a deal to grab. This LG refrigerator is a single door And also similar to the initial LG refrigerator single door. What makes it stand out as its ice-making feature in just 108 minutes and moist and fresh technology which maintains the moisture at an optimal level. Even it comes with a base stand with a drawer. The shelves are of toughened glass. It has an antibacterial gasket and has stabilizer free operation of (90V~310V)

Best LG refrigerator

Feature cum Technical Specifications

ColorBlue Glow
Capacity215 Litres
Defrost SystemDirect Cooling
BEE Rating4 Star
Fresh Food Capacity190 Litres
Freeze Capacity25 Litres
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
Customer rating4.3 out of 5

Why to buy it?

  • Inverter Compressor (Smart)
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • BEE 5 Star rating
  • Spill-proof toughened glass shelf
  • Smart Connect
  • Humidity Controller
  • Solar Smart fridge

3. LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

The LG GL-1292RPZL.APZZEBN is witnessed as LG Best double door refrigerator in India in 2020 due to its appealing cutting edges features. Moreover, LG GL-1292RPZL.APZZEBN comes with compatibility and also with a 3-star BEE rating. The capacity of this LG Refrigerator is 260 Litres and has frost free technology which is not for regular cum convenient usage.

Lg 260 litre double door refrigerator
ColorShiny Steel
Capacity260 Litres
Defrost SystemAuto Defrost Function
BEE Rating3 Star
Fresh Food Capacity177 Litres
Freeze Capacity75 Litres
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
Customer rating4.3 out of 5

Why to buy it?

  • Smart Inverter Compressor
  • Auto Smart Connect
  • Ice-Beam Door Cooling Technology with Multi-Flow Cooling
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Fast Ice Making
  • Anti Bacterial gasket
  • Door Alarm
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerator

4. LG 420 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

The LG 420 Litre model no GL-142QPZX is the second most popular LG Double door fridge in India and has a luxury and premium design. The LG GL-142QPZX is colossal and appearance and even has a massive storage capacity of 420 L. It comes with a frost-free technology that will prevent the unnecessary ice build-up BEE has given it’s a star rating. As far as material is concerned the shelves are made up of toughened glass which is far durable and robust and has a glossy touch.

ColorShiny Steel
Capacity420 Litres
Defrost SystemFrost Free
BEE Rating3 Star
Fresh Food Capacity400 Litres
Freeze Capacity20 Litres
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
Customer rating4.2 out of 5

Why to buy it?

  • Smart Inverter Compressor
  • Auto Smart Connect
  • Ice-Beam Door Cooling Technology with Multi-Flow Cooling
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Fast Ice Making
  • Anti Bacterial gasket
  • Door Alarm
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerator

5. LG 687 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The LG B247SLUV.APZQEBN is one of the best LG side by side refrigerator in India in 2020. The USP of this LG side by side Refrigerator is its energy-saving feature with a linear compressor. Also, it has a smart diagnosis feature that gives hassle-free services. Moreover, multiple cooling vents of air circulates the chilled air across the refrigerator and make sure that every corner is cooled. What makes it cut above rest is its digital sensors monitor which are installed on the outer as well as internal body as well.

Best LG side by side refrigerator
ColorPlatinum Silver
Capacity687 Litres
Defrost SystemFrost Free
BEE Rating3 Star
Fresh Food Capacity600 Litres
Freeze Capacity87 Litres
Customer rating 4.2 out of 5

Why to buy it?

  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Multi Digital sensors Both Internal and External
  • Multiple cooling vents
  • Inverter Compressor
  • Wifi Control
  • Door Lock

Before buying the Lg refrigerator, but shed some light over some of the core terms related to the fridge which will make you selection easy. So, the 5 parameter is:-

1). Types of LG refrigerator(Design Basis)

LG has curated 3 core design of refrigerator which serves all the purposes and comes in different capacities.
. Single door
. Double door
. Side by side

A). Single Door LG Refrigerator

It is one of most selling and seen fridge in India and specially meant for domestic usage for a family size of 3 to 4 people. Its capacity is usually below 300 Litre and has direct cool technology with manual defrosting.
Advantage of owing this is its compact style and comes at a lesser price and has been considered as the best LG fridge price below 10000 in India.

B). Double Door LG Refrigerators

The double door is divided into two-compartment and also spacious in comparison to a single-door refrigerator which comes with a capacity of between 260 – 700 L. It is best suited for large families of size between 5 to 6 members. What makes it a cutting edge fridge is its frost-free technology, giant size freezer chamber, and flexible shelves. Also, it has automatic fans that consistently circulate cool air within the fridge. It can make ice, store ice cream, as well as frozen items. The only downside there is that it consumes 30 to 40% more energy and also has higher price tags.

So, again a quick comparison for your ease.

Single Door
  • Economical
  • 3-4 Members
  • Consumes less power
  • Required less space
  • Not frost free
Double Door
  • Expensive5-6 Members
  • Consumes more power
  • Demand more space
  • Frost free

C). Multi Door (Side By Side Door LG Refrigerator )

The LG refrigerator side by side door is one of the luxury cum premium refrigerators. It is spacious and prodigious in size and dimensions.
Its capacity starts from 250 liters and goes up to 900 liters. However, these refrigerators are most commonly employed in hotels and restaurants and are very less adopted at the domestic level.

D). LG Triple Door Refrigerator

As it name signifies that it comes with triple door facility which means it has three compartments. Each of compartment is utilised for some specific purpose. The top part is for ice and freezing purpose. The middle part is for cooling section and lower chamber is for preservation.

Side By Side Door LG Refrigerator
    Triple Door Refrigerator

      2). Capacity of LG refrigerator

      Capacity is the second most crucial point to be considered while purchasing a new LG refrigerator. Because this is also a vital factor that will decide your budget.

      Star RatingAnnual Consumption(units)Non-Inverter Compressor
      1 Star977Annual Savings Upto Rs 300
      2 Star787Annual Savings Upto Rs 800
      3 Star626Annual Savings Upto Rs 1200
      4 Star501Annual Savings Upto Rs 1500
      5 Star400Annual Savings Upto Rs 1700

      3). Technology basis ( inverter and compressor)

      The compressor is the only component that ensures the mechanism of a refrigerator. Impact’s overall performance and cooling depend on the compressor only. A fridge with a compressor will save a lot of your bucks and hence proved to be economical.
      This is because it actually synchronizes the cooling required with the running speed of the compressor. So, this means the compressor will keep changing its speed cycles without any power loss.
      However, in the case of non-inverter which is a conventional technology, it can not sense the internal cooling and Keep the compressor working at constant speed irrespective of cooling required.
      So, inverter one is always the best pic which will be expensive but save electricity bills.

      Benefits of inverter technology

      • Maintain the cooling up to 9 to 12 hours after a power cut.
      • Save 20 to 40% of energy.
      • Temperature control and Detector higher level span.
      FeatureInverter CompressorNon-Inverter Compressor
      Temperature VersionLessMore
      Noise CreationLessMore
      Energy ConsumptionLowHigh
      Life SpanMoreLess

      4). BEE Star ratings

      BEE star rating is another important feature to keep in mind while doing the purchase of an LG refrigerator. The more the star rating, the higher will be the more energy-saving and will be perceived as efficient. Ultimately, will Generate lower electricity bills.

      5). Defrosting Technology

      Defrosting is actually the purpose of the removal of a thick layer of eyes in the condenser. We need to do this otherwise it will block the circulation of cold air and import the cooling. Some refrigerators have automatic functions but some need to be done manually. So defrosting technology comes in two variants which are Direct cool and frost-free.

      Direct cool fridge- this actually circulates the cool air inside across the fridge unevenly which ultimately leads to frost. We have seen this mostly in the singed or conventional fridge and have to manually of the fridge to defrost the layer of ice in the fridge box. Frost-free fridge- the double fridge for fresh door fridge is frost-free and deliver uniform cooling throughout the fridge. This ultimately not let the frost to occur and give required cooling in the refrigerator.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. What type of food we should not keep in the fridge?
      A. Tomato should never be kept in the refrigerator but at room temperature, also avoid keeping dry fruits in the refrigerator.
      Moreover, onion, garlic, basil, potatoes, honey, oils, bread, and melons also.

      Q. How useful are convertible fridges ?
      A. Convertible refrigerators are for beneficial, because at the time of urgency we are independent to convert freezer into fridge. So that we can preserve food and fruits there. Even you can switch it to the chef, dessert, and season modes also depending upon fridge compatibility options .

      Q. Is an inverter compressor fridge a good refrigerator?
      A. Yes, they are the best of the best pick and can save your energy to a greater extent. Not only this but it also ensures the evenly cooling flow in the refrigerator.

      Q. How to maintain the health of the refrigerator?
      A. Refrigerator needs to clean once every 3 months by removing all the food and another eatable. Then take off the shelves also. Thereafter, clean with mild soap and wipe off with cotton or muslin cloth to avoid scratches. Never keep it in sunlight and also never keep hot dishes in the fridge.

      Q. What should we buy direct cool or frost-free?
      A. The direct cool refrigerator cause lot of frost and even distribute uneven cooling across which makes it less energy efficient. This is completely unlike in case of frost-free and gives even and efficient cooling in the fridge but this feature only comes in double door and expensive too.

      Q. How long does a refrigerator last?
      A. It depends on how carefully you maintain its health and doing a regular check-up. If you follow all check-ups consistently then 15-20 years easily.

      Q. What is BEE star rating in refrigerator?
      A. BEE is actually a maja standard of electrical power consumption. So, the higher the number of star the more saving of electricity bill you can notice. So always go for a fridge between 4 to 5 rating.


      We have put all the efforts in the making of this list. This complete buying guide will help you to choose and buy your best LG Refrigerator According to your need, budget, and preference.

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