Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse Under 2000 In India Reviews |

Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse Under 2000 In India Reviews |

If you are looking to buy the Best Wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000? You are in the right place, I have done comprehensive research for you to save time. | Available On Amazon Buy Now On Amazon.

The Digital era has made every person go wireless and technophile also. The computer is one such field which witnessed the trend of wireless after the headphones. Bluetooth, specifically the wireless mouse and keyboard which are Bluetooth unable are the one which is the best example of wireless technology since the traditional trend was off to use the wired version of keyboard and mouse but the new league is to use a wireless mouse and keyboard since they just don’t only look clean but also setting up is very easy.
Even the benefit of wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for gaming is amazing and worth considering which make your purchase worth and everlasting. So, why not to go wireless in the era of state of art.

Top 5 Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse under 2000 In India

Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse combo Under 2000

1. Logitech MK215 Best Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under 2000

Logitech is one of the best wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000 in the list and that’s why we have kept it on the first position. This runs on 2.4 GHz frequency and has a range of 10 metres. The batteries are AAA which run good with this and uses to pair which last for more than two years.

However, if you use AA batteries then it will only last for 5 to 6 months. It is a basic model which comes with a number pad and media hotkeys. The mouse of Logitech is off all black plastic body with 3 buttons. The encryption comes with it is 128 bit which limit the probability of hacking and makes your data secure and safe.

Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows-min

However, the small Arrow keys will not draw the attention of gamers since smaller arrow keys will spoil their gaming experience. The USB of the mouse is its auto sleep function which makes it energy-efficient and worth buying. It is one of the best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse under 2000 in the market. Also, it has a definition of optical tracking.

Even the set up of this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and mouse will set-up instantly and just plug and play.

Special Features

  • Auto sleep
  • 36% smaller
  • 128 bit AES encryption
  • Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless
  • Durable battery
  • Smaller Arrow keys
  • Absence of light indicator on cap lock
  • Absence of power button on the keyboard

2. Dell Km117 best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Under 2000

Dell is another most prestigious and tablet name in the market of computer and best wireless keyboard and mouse combo under 2000. The Dell km117 come with spectacular design and loment which is sleek, ergonomists and have cutting edge features. The Uber design looks just best in the class and slim profile gives the press feel on hitting the keys.

The Dell wireless keyboard comes with connectivity 2.4 GHz and supported by two AAA batteries with a Shelf Life of One Year. However, the mouse is also ergonomic design inspired and easy to move and control. The feel of the school is smooth and friction-free which certainly I won’t hamper yours to any of task work.

Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard Mouse-min

Moreover right, the mouse is laser-sharp which makes it best wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000. The functional key can be used individually as in the combination with other keys for multimedia tasks.

Special Features

  • 3 dedicated multimedia key
  • Laptop like check let keys
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Large Battery life
  • Not efficient for small hands
  • Only one year warranty

3. HP-200 Best Rechargeable Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Undre 2000

HP is another one of the renowned and well-established names of delivering exponentially amazing products in the market and even HP is one of the dominating brands in the arena of all type of computer peripherals accessories and other stuff. The HP 200 comes with a 3 indicator at each is for caps lock, the number lock and low battery.

This product has a connectivity range of 10 metres wide its Nano receiver. HP 200 wireless keyboard runs on one AAA battery while the mouse runs on AA battery. This is also multimedia enable and have fancy look. Interestingly the mouse has on/off switch as well which makes it more power-efficient. The battery can efficiently last for 12 months. Even the mouse is also a sleep feature enable.

HP-200 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)-min

The receiver of HP 200 wireless keyboard and mouse has a cordless system which works perfectly without interference. The keyboard has 104 keys and 12 function keys. Moreover, it is also equipped with RED LED Technology and above on its 1200 dpi iI sensor is the feature which makes it cut above rest in the category of wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000.

As far as a design element is concerned Mouse is naturally contoured with low profile design keyboard in an all-black finish.

Special Features & Specifications

  • RED LED technology
  • 10 metres wide range
  • On/Off switch enabled
  • Large Battery life
  • 128 bit AES encryption

4. iBall Wireless Smart Keyboard And Mouse Set

iball is there another growing and well-established name in the market of computer accessories and stuff. When it comes to the best wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000 then iball is even taking the lead with its iBall Wireless Combo i4 Deskset Keyboard and mouse which is best under the banner of best wireless keyboard and mouse under 1000.

This comes with the specially designed chocolate key top which is membrane coated and also spill-resistant. This feature will make your typing more convenient and hassle-free. Moreover, iBall wireless keyboard also has typographical spacebar which minimizes the probability of occurrence of error.

iBall Wireless Combo i4 Deskset Slim _ Keyboard _ Smart Mouse Chocolate Key-min

Even another work noticeable point is that its battery is fully loaded which won’t cause turbulence in your work and even ensures a longer life. Apart from this States being wireless make your desktop looks clutterless and neat. The grip of iBall wireless mouse is ambidextrous.

This is only Keyboard which comes with a Rupee symbol button also above tab key and is compatible with Windows 7, 8,10, XP and Vista. The keyboard has 2.4 GHz of range and it is labelled as smart wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000 and the design a sturdy build.

Special Features & Specifications


  • Rupee symbol
  • Chocolate keytops
  • Sturdy build
  • Sali multimedia 2.4 GHz wireless


  • Compact and smart
  • Large battery life
  • Tri button design
  • 3 speed change smooth scroll

5. Lenovo Best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse Combo under 2000

It is certainly the Lenovo and it is one of the best wireless pair of mouse and keyboard which solves and serves your purpose of buying the best wireless keyboard and mouse nder 2000 in India. Lenovo is one of the dominating and ruling brands in the computer domain and we can trust blindly. Moreover, the Lenovo 100 wireless keyboard comes with a sleek design which has stolen a lot of attention and adulation form the computer world.

Another reason which makes it best wireless mouse and keyboard is its being spill resistance in nature and its property of fabricating waterproof keyboard keys, liberated you to have the sip of coffee, tea and drink safely without any extra cautions.

HP Multimedia Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo (4SC12PA)-min

Another point which made it the deal to grab is its ambidextrous mouse, which is not just good for a right-hand person but is specifically suited for a southpaw personality also which give its edge over another brand which has introduced wireless mouse and keyboard in the market.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Ambidextrous mouse
  • Spill-resistant keyboard keys
  • Wireless connectivity with USB dongle
  • 3-year warranty

So what’s up to decide the best wireless mouse and keyboard under 2000, we have listed the core factor which makes it a value for money.

1). Connectivity

This is the only core factor which justifies your purchase. so, the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo under 2000 runs on two types of technology which are Bluetooth and RF, though both have their own significance the Bluetooth are very dominant and popular in India. However, RF is proven to be the best and superior choice over Bluetooth one.

2). Range

This is the another most crucial factor because the smaller the size of wireless receiver or a range receiver which is nano in the technology is considered to be more efficient for the best wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000. The standard wireless receiver has 2.5 GHz wireless protocol with 30 m of range, whereas the expensive and premium wireless mouse and keyboard comes with a range of 82 feet with the connectivity of 2.4 GHz.

3). Switch

The combo of wireless mouse and keyboard should have individual switch separated by the different power control button. This is because this makes the keyboard and mouse or more energy-efficient and the reason behind this phenomena is that the separate switches will make it a better choice to turn on and off the desired or required machine at a time.

4). Batteries

The standard AA or AAA batteries are employed in wireless devices. Though, some of wireless mouse and keyboards do come with a rechargeable batteries option or solar power compatibility option which make its more economical and energy-efficient choice. The average life of a keyboard is one and a half year while the mouse battery lasts a little shorter than in comparison to keyboards because their life is of just 8 to 16 months.

Notably, some smart features which are coming in the latest wireless mouse and keyboard are that their power saver and even sleep option will increase the lifespan of best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse under 2000. Most Importantly, the combo battery option is always a profitable deal for a longer life of your BlueTooth keyboard and mouse.

5). Size

The option of choosing compact size keyboard over the standard size is that, it always been the best choice for travellers because it is not going to occupy more space and even make it more of portable as well. So, compact size wireless keyboard has been a best, superior and worthy choice for those who travel a lot for either business or Academy concerns.

However, if you are working trend is more static then you should buy the standard size of keyboard and mouse though it will occupy a little more space it will also serve all the purposes which are equal to compact wireless mouse and keyboard.

Now, coming to the core content of this article that is why to choose wireless keyboard over wired?

1). Appearance

It is one of the prime factors which justifies its appearance. undoubtedly, they both are completely identical to each other and the only physical difference is the absence of cables from a design point of view which gives it less Messy look in comparison to the wired keyboard which adds more premium look your desk.

2). Working zone

It is best fabricated and design for the professionals, who are more into longer computer task and assignment. So, in order to minimise the effect of seating for long hours on a single place, this wireless technology of keyboard and mouse let the person, employer or worker to enjoy their work in less static and more motion or movable manner.

3). Gamers

It is also best to design for gamers because this wireless keyboard technology gives an advantage to the gamer as well because they can easily change the angle as per their need and also the sitting position can be variable along with the distance range and direction too which is completely impossible with the wired keyboard technology.

4). Health and safety

The most important factor in favour of best wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000 is the health and safety, and the above all that it let you shift away from your computer screen which ensures the safety of your eyes and won’t cause any harm to your eyes because the concern of eyesight is rising excessively since every second person is so obsessed with the laptops, that they are becoming a victim of eyesight due to longer exposure to computer screen because they are sitting as close as of 2 meters. So, it is again a matter of concern and to address this issue, the best keyboard and mouse under 2000 is a deal to grab.

5). Advanced

The wireless mouse and keyboard are not of the conventional and traditional kind, unlike the wired keyboard and mouse which are more conventional and traditional and even bulky too. The wire-less keyboard and mouse are the most advanced, sophisticated and have cutting-edge features which are irresistible.

6). Energy Efficient

The wireless mouse and keyboard are more energy-efficient and won’t consume more power because they have a turn on /off and sleep of feature, which is not available in the traditional wired mouse and keyboard and this factor can’t be ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the battery which comes with wireless keyboard and mouse are rechargeable ?
A. NO, the batteries you will have are not rechargebale.You need to replace them in every 8 or 12 months.

Q. Do the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse have On/Off switch?
A. Yes, but this is a very specific feature which is limited to some specific model only which makes it energy efficient.

Q. Do these wireless keyboard and mouse works with smart TV?
A. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse comes with the feature which enables us to connect with our smart TV simply and quickly.

Q.Will this Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo works on MAC or not?
A. Yes, it works perfectly with MAC and windows operating devices and you can easily operate the device wirelessly.

Q. Do we need to remove the battery when not in use? A. No, you do not need to remove it frequently but yes if you want to put it off for more than a month then do remove the batteries.

Conclusion For Best Wireless keyboard and mouse under 2000

Having the Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse under 2000 can help you do your work quick and easy. Variety makes it difficult for the customers to make the decision because there is a wide range of the keyboard with different shapes, size and design. Therefore this article will help you to buy the best one for yourself according to your requirement. More you invest more good products you will obtain.

Out of all these best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse under 2000, The HP-200 wireless Combo is the best in the market as of now, because of its features and design.

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