Best Copper Water Bottle In India | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews |

Best Copper Water Bottle In India | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews |

If you are looking to buy the Best Copper Water Bottle? You are in the right place, I have done comprehensive research for you to save time. | Available On Amazon Buy Now On Amazon.

The survival of human being is only dependent on water, minerals and metals. The metals are predominantly playing an essential role in life due to their impeccable and irresistible benefit. The most curious metal element is copper which is highly essential in itself and act as a boon for healthy living.

People nowadays are more inclined towards their health that primarily focus on having a hygienic and organic healthy living. So, they are shifted toward their water drinking habits from plastic to Copper. This is also because drinking from copper is the actually the traditional of India from ages which have just proven to be the productive approach for a hygienic and secure life.

Moreover, right from your young kid to an older person, Copper Water Bottle will just do wonders for individuals who are consuming water from it.

Top 5 Copper Water Bottle In India

The Copper Bottle will just do wonder to your health and make you feel full of zeal & urge throughout your hectic schedule. Moreover, the flavour of water from copper bottles is just unmatchable and will quench your thirst truly.

There are multifarious brands which are introducing Best Copper Water Bottle in the Indian market and each of them looks similar, but how to pick the Best Copper Bottle which wants dishonour your spending is the question arises here. So, what makes your Chopper water bottle the best choice.

The only key method is to buy 99% pure Copper Bottle is the one which is a mode of the only Chopper unlike of these Copper Bottle which is made up of an adulterated mixture of other useless metals.

So today we have come up with the best five Copper Water Bottle in India. So, you can compare all these and buy the one which solves your problem.

Best Copper Water Bottle Available In India

1. Milton Copperas Pure Copper Water Bottle, 920 ml

Milton is one of the most renowned names in terms of utensils and home stuff. The simplest design of Milton Copperas made it worth buying deal. This bottle is fabricated from 99.9 per cent pure copper. The Milton Copper Bottle is well known for its being antibacterial, antioxidant, brain stimulator and immunity booster which give it an edge.

Also its impeccably handcrafted functional art. Moreover, it is leak proof which will make it best pic under the tag of Copper Water Bottle. Also, it will boost immunity and cardiovascular health also. Not only this but also reserves the effect of aging.

Milton Copper Bottle, 920 ml

The USP of Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle is that the outer body of Milton Bottle is coated with lacquer. Also, the cleaning becomes easy with the wide mouth of the bottle. The silicone seal ensures effortless for opening and closing of the bottle top.

Special Features

  • Mode of pure copper
  • Silicone seal
  • Smooth and glossy surface
  • 950 ml capacity
  • Lightweight

2. Evergrow Copper Bottle With Glasses, 1L, Set of 2 Bottles With 2 Glasses

The name of Evergrow is quite well established with the tag of Pure Copper Water Bottle and attitude a Monopoly to delivering the best Copper Bottle in the Indian market. It is for lighter in weight of only 280 gm and is even made up of 100% pure copper. Moreover, the design of the bottle is highly impressive, and which gives it a sleek and shimmery look.

Also, the design is hammered and nail proof inspired. Apart from this, the storage capacity of the bottle is of 1 litre with the overall dimension of 9.8″ height and 3″ inch in width.

Evergrow Copper Bottle With Glasses

The colour of the Evergrow Copper Bottle is brownish which gives it an athletic finish. Another worth noticeable factor is that you will have 2 sets of bottles along with two sets of copper glasses also under the price bar of 1000 only. Even the reviews of customer are far reasonable and genuine. They feel it is worth buying and value your every penny you spent.

Special Features

  • Durability
  • 2 pair of set
  • Super-sleek
  • 1-litre capacity
  • Lightweight

3. Uddhav Gold 100% Pure Copper Water Bottles 1 Litre

The Udhav is there another best choice when you are looking for Copper Water Bottle in the market. What makes it stand out from the rest of the brand is handcrafted by skilled artisans and manufactured from other 100% pure copper only. The quality of water you experienced from this Copper Water Bottle is that you won’t feel bloating and dehydrated and will ease your digestion.

Even you can independently take this Uddhav Gold Copper Water Bottles for yoga and gym also and to make your body always charged with all Essential elements. Also, it is leak proof add jointless which gives it advantages over others. The weight is only 280 grams which makes it lighter to carry and hold.

Uddhav Gold 100% Pure Copper Water Bottles 1 Litre

Special Features & Specifications

  • 100% pure copper
  • For gym and yoga classes
  • Leakproof and jointless

4. Ayurveda 100% Pure Copper Water Bottle, 1000ml

Ayurveda Copper Water Bottle is one of the most unique and fancy appearances and texture on its body which makes it look fascinating and less traditional. It is one of the Best Copper Water Bottle in India which is specially manufactured for travellers, yogis, gym freaks student and workers.

It is again of 100% pure Copper and crafted with design and graphic artwork. A pitambi powder is utilised for the cleaning of the bottle since it is delicate in nature. The cleaning can only be carried out with the help of the soft cotton cloth. The elegant wall design printed bottle of copper is completely leak-proof which weighs only 300 gram and has a volume of 1000 ml. This (K) is best for the victim of cancer and thyroid glands.

Ayurveda pure Copper Water Bottle,

Special Features & Specifications

  • Wool design
  • Sleek design
  • Leak proof
  • 1-litre capacity
  • 300 gram weight

5. TAGOTT Handmade 100% Pure Copper Apsara Antique Copper Lid Water Bottle

The TAGOTT is one of the most premium and durable brands which produce reliable and robust Copper water bottle in India. The design of TAGOTT is all premium and even comes with a branding label on the bottle. The TAGOTT copper water bottle is fabricated with pure copper and dual coated with lacquer which gives it a glossy and perfect finish.

The feel of touch on the bottle is so gentle, soft and smooth that you will sense and experience the premium product under the tap of a best copper water bottle. The USP of TAGOTT is that it is corrosion free and even comes with the leak-proof cap because it is a joint-free copper water bottle with a curve on the waist of the bottle.

water bottle

It is truly a best pick of yogi, athletes, gym freaks, sports man, office worker, and youngsters for Healthy lifestyle.

Special Features & Specifications

  • 100% pure copper
  • Handcrafted
  • Premium look and design
  • For gym and yoga classes
  • Leakproof and jointless

So, How to identify the pure copper bottle?

Don’t worry here their hacks come for you.

1). Magnet Test

The copper is not magnetic in nature, so in order to check its purity, simply put a magnet on its outer body and if it’s get attracted towards it. Then it is certainly not the copper.

2). Colour

The true colour of copper always reflect a pinkish shade and the standard base colour is reddish-brown. A Test you can perform is by putting your copper bottle in good white light. It reflects reddish brown then you got the right one, but if it reflects yellowish tint then you bought the worthless.

3). Green Spot

After the usage of months, some specific points, edges, sides or corner of your bottle will turn green due to the abundance of water contact and could even turn dark at that point. so, no need to worry we will tell you how to deal with it and the good things is that it depicts that its original.

4). Marking

Usually, the same metals have specific labelling which distinguished them in the same manner. If your Copper Bottle got a marking letter ‘C’ which is trailed by number then it is more of the Other form of metal but not proper copper certainly.

5). Sound

It is another simple and quick way to reckon the reality of Pure Copper Bottle so, to do this, simply knock with a fingertip or other stuff. The fake Copper Bottle will make the sound feel of treble. However, the Real Copper Water Bottle will give a smooth and shooting effect.

6). Electricity Test

To validate the authenticness of Copper Bottle, just arrange a device called ohm meter. Then simple multiply the reading from Ohm metre and multiply with the cross-sectional area, which is followed by dividing by the length of the object. The genuine copper will have restiveness of 1.7 x 10^8 ohm-meters.

7). Density Test

To check the density, this is another most common test act, and just weigh the object then divide it by the volume of the object. If the density is the same or very close to the density of copper, then it is real. [ The real copper density is 8.096 g/cm3.]

8). Certification

Do check if the product is NABL certified. If it has NABL certification then it is genuine certainly.

Why you need a Copper Water Bottle?

You will be astonished to see its benefit and after reading its benefits you will certainly love to own one.

1). Kills Obesity

So are you a victim of fat or obesity? Then you can’t afford to give a missed to Copper Water Bottle since it will help you shed your weight.

2). Sore Throat

Do you love talking, then to always drink water from Copper Water Bottle. Since it will be best for your thyroid glands.

3). Digestive System

If you are a victim of constipation then do not forget to carry a Pure Copper Water Bottle and make a habit to drink from it which will improve your digestive tissues and glands

4). Flavour

The taste and texture of water never get compromised in copper unlike of plastic bottle in which the Stored water get degraded with time. So the water stored in Copper Bottle always remains full of minerals and vitamins.

5). Ageing Effect

The drinking of water from Copper Bottle will also minimize the effect of aging and makes you look fresh young and full of energy.

6). Joint Pain

Real Copper Bottle is a blessing for the patients of arthritis and joint pain. Since regular drinking from it will give you relief from the pain of the body.

7). Bacteria Free Water

The water from Copper Bottle will kill the bacteria and germs present in water and make your water quality worth and hygienic.

8). Immunity Boost

Last but not least, the water of Copper Bottle will not only immune and boost your immunity but also heals the wounds quickly.

9). Fight Off Cancer

The water of copper water bottle will perfectly light against cancer and could save your life and gradually healing the threat.

The drill to clean the Pure Copper Water Bottle

It is very essential to clean your Copper Water Bottle on the daily basis, otherwise, the inner and outer surface of the bottle will suffer and even the colour got dark which make it look dirty and shabby. To clean it, simply squeeze a fresh lemon over its outer body and rub for 4 to 5 minutes continuously. And you will be amazed to see the results.

Now to clean the inner wall of Copper Bottle simply squeeze 2-3 lemons, then add half a spoon of salt. Then put vinegar and shake it well and let it be for 5 to 10 minutes. Afterword takes the bottle clean brush and rotates cum rub inside the bottle for 2-3 minutes. So, this was the whole process to clean your Best Copper Water Bottle.

Factors to be considered while buying the Best Copper Water Bottle.

1). Leakproof

Whenever you are buying the Copper Water Bottle then do check that it should be leak-proof and comes with a leakproof coating. Never by that Copper Bottle which comes with punching with a nail feature because it is not a reliable form of safety.

2). Insulation

The second factor deciding your Copper Water Bottle is the insulation because it will work like a thermostat. The insulating one will keep your water hot or cold as per your need on the basis of the season going on. So our personal suggestion is to but the insulating one only because it is worth buying and effective.

3). Authenticity

Many sellers sell the copper-lined water bottles as a pure copper bottle. So, be aware of this kind of manipulation in the market.

4). Capacity

Capacity is the only factor that depends on your usage and needs. But at least buy a bottle with a size of not less than 600 ml.

5). Brands

Though there are a series of brands in India which has introduced their Copper Water Bottle in the market under the banner of DR. Copper, Milton, Prestige, Tagott, T-copper, Panacea,

Pigeon, India Art Villa Copper town and many more. So you can buy anyone from above-mentioned brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does copper water bottle keeps water cool for a longer time?
A. Definitely not, since the standard copper water bottle does not support this feature. You need to buy that copper water bottle which has thermal support and could keep your water cold for a longer time. Though it will cost you some extra bucks.

Q. Can I add hot water into a copper water bottle?
A. No, you cannot add hot water and never recommend to do so otherwise it will ruin the health of your copper water bottle. You only add hot water to the one which is thermostat friendly

Q. How to clean the pure copper bottle?
A. The cleaning process is very easy and economical, simply squeeze 1 lemon and add vinegar also then clean it with a bottle cleaning brush. To clean the outer body just simply rub the lemon on it.

Q. Which colour represent the true colour of a copper water bottle?
A. Usually, it will be reddish-brown in colour and less of yellowish tone.

Q. What is lacquer coating? A. The lacquer coating is provided on the outer part of the body to prevent it from staining.

Conclusion For Best Copper Water Bottle

Having the Copper Bottle can help you solve a lot of health-related problems. Variety makes it difficult for the customers to make the decision. Therefore this article will help you to buy the best one for yourself according to your requirement. More you invest more good products you will obtain.

Out of all these Copper Bottle, The TAGOTT Handmade 100% Pure Copper is the best in the market as of now, because of its features and design.

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