Best 5 Grill Sandwich Maker For Kitchen 2021 – Reviews

Best 5 Grill Sandwich Maker For Kitchen 2021 – Reviews

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Grill Sandwich Maker for your home. Here I have picked some of the Best Grill Sandwich Maker for Kitchen with the latest update | Available On Amazon | Buy Now On Amazon.

Grill Sandwich makers has become the one of the most favourite appliance of people which has made it one of the predominant and favourite choice in regard to kitchen appliances. The grill sandwich toster preparation time is very low which makes it the best buy under under the label of instant prepare meals, which is a point to be considered that make is a most selling product.

So, that is the reason after electronics kettle & coffee maker, sandwich makers remains the third most popular choice of people in terms of home appliances since it serves their meal instantly without compromising their taste buds.
The sandwich maker are the most favorite choice of school goings, college students, office employees, and hostlers on account of the working mechanism which is completely hassle-free. Even this sandwich maker let you enjoy your breakfast with full zeal and urge.

Some of Top 5 Best Grill Sandwich Maker

So the team of best appliances has analyse the market trends and bring here the best grill sandwich makers in India ,that are labelled as reliable and robust due to their impeccable performance.
So, our team has discovered that the sandwich maker has never dishonor the customer requests and approaches in terms of flavour taste and meals.
So, you cannot afford to miss this article if you are really die hard fan of Sandwich and toast.

Best Grill Sandwich Maker In India

1. Bajaj Majesty New Grill Sandwich Maker

The Bajaj majesty SWX400 is on the first position of best sandwich maker in India ,and it is delivered by the Bajaj brand which does not need an introduction. The Bajaj majestic swx400 work on 700 watts and 250 volts. Even it has garnered the customer rating of 4.4 because it’s of design which if simply sleek with on all white girl body which again look fascinating.

The anti skid base of this Bajaj majestic swx400 is so powerful that it won’t move your sandwich maker during meal preparation. The handle of this sandwich maker is ergonomic which gives strong grip and assist your work effectively . Moreover, handle is made up of resistance material which let you easily have grip on your sandwich maker machine which makes it best sandwich maker.

Bajaj Majesty New Grill Sandwich Maker

Beyond this , being energy efficient in nature which draws ultimately less power and generate less electricity bill on the monthly basis is another point in its favor.

The two indicators have been provided on the top of this sandwich maker which represents its mode of operation, these indicators represent on on/offstage which help you easily monitoring in the dark mode. Also ,the body of this Bajaj is all black from inside and the grills are so durable and these grills are non-stick coated which let you clean them easily.

It has two Slice capacity to toast and grilled sandwich simultaneously. Even ,the buckle clips provided additionally are the best part of this Bajaj swx 400. Last but not least ,there is a drip collector provided which accommodate the unwanted oil, and the Hinges let you cook the bread of any size very easily.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Two slice capacity
  • Buckle clip
  • Hinges
  • Drip collector Cup
  • 2 indicator lights
  • Non-stick coating
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Anti skid base.

2. Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster

The prestige is one of the renowned and eminent brand in the field of kitchen appliances and it stood on the second position of delivering best sandwich maker with the product called prestige PGMFB 800 which is labelled as best seller on E-commerce.

So, if you really tantalize to enjoy tasty ,hot, & delicious sandwiches then this is going to serve you with it . The prestige PGMFB as non stick and non-toxic plates feature which makes it best sandwich maker in the segment. The non stick coating on grill is very robust and will automatically remove the excess of oil and butter during cooking. Moreover ,the ergonomic handle gives you a better hold and easy to use convenience and even this handle is made up of heat resistance material.

Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster

The prestige PGMFB sandwich maker has red and green light indicator which reflect the state of mode ,these indicators represent the state of plug in and preheated state of grill. Notably, the red light is for power and heater ,while green is for grill on/off state.

The prestige PGMFB is very energy efficient and only require 800 watts to run, thus it won’t give any extra hike in your electricity bills. Apart from this,the thermostatic control feature regulate the temperature and run its at required temperature. The body is all black with prestige branding which looks premium and fancy in the segment of best sandwhich maker.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Fixed grill plates
  • Non-stick heating plate
  • Thermostatic control feature
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Non toxic plates

3. Philips HD2394 Grill Panini Maker

The Philip HD 2393 is a popular for its brand value and worth every penny which never dishonor the customer approach. The plates of this sandwich maker are non stick which are easy to clean and maintain. The non-stick coated plates leaves no residue behind and serve a healthy dish.

This Philips sandwich maker comes with the a 820 watt power which gives instant result when it comes to make sandwich . Also,you will get light indicator just like as of initial two products for easy monitoring of on and off state of sandwich maker during the dark mode. Apart from this , we can grill two sandwiches simultaneously which saves your time and cook your dish instantly.

Philips HD2394 Grill Panini Maker

The ergonomic handle is heat resistance and is cool touch in nature that make you done your cooking easily by without causing any harm to your hand. Apart from this,the push down lock system is what give it edge over other sandwich maker in the same segment along with the cord winding facility.

Also the cut and seal plate of this Philip HD 2393 sandwich maker are best to ensure the seating of ingredients properly in the chamber. The bottom of this Philip HD 2393 sandwich maker has a rubber pad which ensures by keeping it at one place.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Non-slip feet
  • Cool touch handle
  • Non-stick coated plates
  • Rubber feet
  • Cord storage
  • Easy lock system
  • Vertical storage
  • Cut and seal plate

4. Nova Professional NSG 2454 Sandwich Grill Maker

Philip HD2393 followed by Nova NGS 2449 sandwich maker which comes with the white body fascinating look and is one of the best sandwich maker introduced by Nova. The grill of this sandwich maker by Nova is non removable and has perfect locked hinges which accommodate every size of bread.

Another best part of this Nova sandwich maker is its double coated along with Teflon sheet which provide great base and support. This sandwich maker only runs on watts of 750 power which heat up instantly, and the non-skid feature of this Nova NGS 2449 make it less slippery which minimal the chances of getting slip on the shelf of your kitchen.

Nova Professional Sandwich Grill Maker

The usp of this sandwich maker is its automatic thermostat which resist the probability of burning up. Also the light indicator show the state of the art of device which maker its easy to monitor it in the dark mode. Moreover, this Nova NGS 2449 is very easy to to clean and us very convenient to Store due to its being lightweight in nature.

The most considerable part of this sandwich maker is it heat resistance and insulated body which reverse the chances of rust. The temperature control feature is also make it a worth choice over other sandwich maker.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Double Teflon coating
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Quick heating technology cooling built
  • Power indicators
  • Non-skid body
  • Lid locking system
  • Heat resistance insulated body.

5. Pigeon 4 Slice Grill Sandwich Maker

Pigeon is the last but not least 5th best product under the tag of sandwich maker and pigeon is ruling the kitchen appliances sector due to their promising products. This Panini grill sandwich maker is best sandwich maker which consume very low power of just 750 watts that in results heats up instantly and prepare the sandwich in just few minutes.

The design of the sandwich maker by pigeon is just impressive and elegant comes with the shock proof body. The rubber study provided under the base of this sandwich maker give it potential to remain stick with the shelf and eliminate the chances of slipping and moving during operation.

Pigeon 4 Slice Grill Sandwich Maker

Apart from this , the pigeon sandwich maker has bigger and deeper plates which provide enough space for the housing of bread of any size.
Also, the plates are of cast iron which are non stick in nature and even very easy to clean and use.

Variants of Grill Sandwich Maker in India

Usually there are two types of sandwich makers comes in India market which are Panini press and four triangle.

1). Panini press

This type of sandwich maker has two girls one is on the top and second is on the bottom. The bread is sandwich between these two grills, the top and bottom heat plates play the core part of the sandwich maker which gives golden, crispy crust on the outside of breads Also known as Panini maker, grill press, or Panini grill is made up of aluminium or cast iron which comes in round, square or rectangular shape.

The majority of sandwich maker top covers attached to “floating” or adjustable Hinges. Interestingly, more than 200 recipes can be done on the Panini press sandwich maker.

2). Four Triangle

This is second most common type of sandwich maker and give the sandwich a traditional four triangular look by toasting them, unlike grilling the function of this sandwich maker is different from pannini press because in this the plates are either segregated into triangle or square cut triangle shape. Also you can fry the egg in this four triangle sandwich maker.

Still many people are confused between sandwich maker and toaster maker. So, here is the crystal clear answer to your doubt.

A toaster is a machine in which bread is inserted vertically and separated which Crisp the both sides of bread ,and if you wish to add something between the breads and you need to take out the bread pieces and then insert the stuffing into it.

However ,in case of sandwich maker you can add any sort of stuff in between bread and then placed in the sandwich maker to hear it up between the griddles. Moreover, you need to press the top part which is unlike in toaster due to absence of handle.

Why you should own a Grill Sandwich Maker?

  • Compact design
  • Portable
  • Instant cook
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Can cook up to 200 dishes

Buying guide for an sandwich maker.

1). Capacity

This is a core factor while buying most of kitchen appliances, so as far as sandwich maker is concerned it usually comes into different format which are two sandwich maker and four sandwich maker.
So, for a family of two to three person, a 2 sandwich maker is a good choice.
However, for 4 to 6 family members size than 4 sandwich maker is a good deal.

2). Types

Panini press and four triangle are the two type of sandwich maker comes in Indian market, both are equally popular and preferred by the people . Whereas, Panini press is more economical choice over the four triangle.

3). Surface Finish

Always buy that sandwich maker which has teflon based surface, because it doesn’t get stick with bread which is usually a case of iron base surface.
So, teflon is a versatile choice for sandwich maker , also Teflon is non stick in nature and heats up quickly in comparison to other material. Moreover, this nonstick coating minimal the uses of oil and you can wash it easily also.

4). Auto Turn Off

This is a best and smart feature which makes your sandwich maker more energy efficient by completely eliminating the risk of overheating and burning of bread. Not only this, it will also let you save on your monthly electricity bills as well.

5). Hinges

It is the most important role when it comes to deal with the bread of different shapes and sizes. These floating Hinges allow the independent adjustment in order to go in alliance with the bread of different dimension.

6). Cable

Throughout your operation, the handle is what is which you keep holding.
So,always buy that sandwich maker whose handle has supreme heat resistance feature so that it won’t cause any inconvenience while preparation of the meal.

7). Handle Material

Throughout your operation, the handle is what is which you keep holding.
So,always buy that sandwich maker whose handle has supreme heat resistance feature so that it won’t cause any inconvenience while preparation of the meal.

8). Temperature Distribution

unlike four triangle sandwich maker which do not have temperature control feature and will leave you little disappointed because of uneven distribution of heat. So, Panini press will respect your efforts since it comes with various temperatures control feature for better roasting and grilling experience.

9). Handle Material

The most convenient choice would be that a sandwich maker which has removable plates and it results in hassle free handling while cleaning.

10). Indicators

Always buy that sandwich maker which has light indicators on it, which are usually of two type one is red and other is green light , these represent the state of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to clean sanwich maker ?
A. There are many brands that manufacture grill sandwich toster with removable trays so that it is easy for consumer to wash it easily. Also you can wash your old sandwich maker just ensure that it is unplugged.

Q. Can we use sandwich maker to make waffles?
A. Traditional sandwich makers do not come with the multi-feature. Therefore you need to buy a new sandwich maker with multi-function with which you can cook waffles and even other dishes

Q. How many types of dishes can I cook using a grill sandwich maker?
A. With a multifunctional sandwich maker you can cook french toast, patty, waffles, pizza pockets, fry eggs, make an omelette, pancakes, doughnuts and many other.

Q. Difference between panini and four triangle sandwich maker?
A. With panini press you can cook burger, patties and even kebabs on it. But it cannot slice your sandwich also it is quite expensive whereas with four Triangle you can make sandwiches and many other waffles. Also, you can slice your sandwiches easily and it is budget-friendly.

Q. Can grill sandwich maker toast breads? A. Yes, you can also use sandwich maker to toast your bread all you need is to brush up the surface with some oil or butter. You need to adjust the heat with heat adjustable knob


Having Best Grill Sandwich Maker can help to save your time and energy. This multifunctional kitchen appliances have drawn a large number of public attention.

Out of all these, The Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster is the best in the market as of now, because of its ability to perform a range of functions with ease. Another one we would recommend is The Bajaj Majesty New Grill Sandwich Maker

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