Best Laptop For Office Use in India: 2021 Reviews

Best Laptop For Office Use in India: 2021 Reviews

If you want to buy the Best Laptop For Office Use in India then this article will help you a lot.

The digital era has made every person mouse potato and silver surfer which is, in turn, revolutionized their lifestyle. Moreover, every second person is born with a laptop and feels obsessed due to its multifarious benefits. Even it serves the purpose for all age groups irrespective of any brand choice.

The trend of business, education, communication, and showbiz for mentally drifting towards the laptop, notebooks, vivobook, Chromebook, Airbooks, and MacBooks is versatile in nature and has cutting-edge features. However, the new trend is a growing state of curiosity among young guns since now the companies have even introduced the best gaming laptops. Apart from this, there are some other variants also in the market which are best curated for the coding and programming also which are not just  Best Laptop For Office Use in India but for computer science engineers also.

But if you are into Video-editing, Photo-editing, VFX, and cinematic work even then there are some specific laptops that you need to have in your bag for sure. So, don’t worry, fasten the seat belt, and let me take you to the right to the world of laptops where you will be flabbergasted by the specifications, features, and design.

Today we have particularly and consciously chosen to address the best laptop for office use in India in 2020. So that you can decide which fit your budget bracket and will grace your office.

List of Top 5 Best Laptop For Office Use in India

Best Laptop For Office Use in India

1. Apple MacBook Pro Laptop For Office Use – Space Grey

Apple has been leading and dominating under the banner of best laptop for office use in India and for its professional. MacBook Pro is one of best laptop for every kind of work in India in 2020. Moreover the design and appearance of Apple MacBook Pro is just so mesmerizing and captivating. Also it is is best design and suited for those who are into gaming and any other professional works such as coding, gaming, and cinematography. Another reason of its popularity is its being highly source in nature and your data will be completely encrypted which has minimise the probability of data vulnerability.

Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 2.6GHz 9th Gen Intel Core i7) - Space Grey

What makes it worth every penny and the Best laptop for office use in India is its flawless smooth and hassle-free operation mechanism and user interface which is actually a laptop for its professionals. The new magic keyboard works are just magical and marvelous that that has a scissor mechanism with 1 mm travel for convenient and quick response while typing. The touch bar makes your laptop highly secure and self-reliant. The touch ID login is another level of high security that has eliminated the threat of intruders.

Also, T-arrows keys enable the feed mechanism which is best for office work and gaming. Even voice quality is just soothing and pleasant because it comes with 6 speakers that produce stereo sound and also the dual force cancelling woofers delivers the more clean and distortion-free music.

Another reason being its Best laptop for office use in India is its battery capacity is of 100-watt lithium polymer battery which gives up to 11 hours of battery backup. The Apple T2 chip is the second-generation custom Mac silicon to make all the database offline secure and even secure boot and encryption of stored data.

The thunderbolt 3 has ultra-high bandwidth which USB-C for high data transfer, charging, and video output. This thunderbolt gives 40 Gbps of throughput which is two times of bandwidth of thunderbolt 2 and has 4 ports.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Magic keyboard
  • Apple T2 chip
  • Thunderbolt 3, 4 ports
  • T-arrow key
  • Touch bar and Touch id
  • Battery 100 wh, up to 11 hours battery life
  • Weight 3.31 kilograms

2. Dell XPS 7590 15.6-inch FHD Office Use Laptop Abyss Grey

The Dell XPS 7590 is the second-best laptop for office use in India in 2020. Dell has been the most renowned and highly efficient name in the business industry. The Dell laptop comes with a 15.6 inch 4K o LED infinity edge to EDGE display which is worth commendable and makes it best laptop for office use in India.

Another reason for its being popular for business and office work is its four-element lens webcam for Skype calling and Windows video chat for convenient negotiation.

Dell XPS 7590 15.6-inch FHD Laptop (9th Gen Core i7-9750H_16GB_512GB SSD_Windows 10 + MS Office_4GB Nvidia Graphics), Abyss Grey

Another worth noticing factor is its Nvidia graphics which give a smooth and flawless experience on gaming, video, and editing rendering and watching movies. It comes with window 10 plus MS office which makes a perfect choice for office work and the best laptop for work from home in Indian 2020. Another noticeable factor that makes its the best laptop for office use in India is its waves maxxaudio Pro which gives a wonderful audio experience for your presentations and slideshows.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Nvidia graphics card
  • Windows 10 + MS office
  • Four elements webcam
  • 4K display OLED
  • Weight 1.7 kilograms
1). Size 15.6 inches
2). Processor Intel i7
3). Ram 16GB DDR4
4). HDD 512 GB
5). Speakers Waves MAX audio Pro
6). Graphic card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 (dedicated)
7). Graphic card RAM 4GB
8). Activity killer Wi-Fi 6 AX 1650
9). Number of USB 3 ports
10). OS Windows 10 Home
11). Battery standby life 12 hours

3. Lenovo IdeaPad S540 Graphics_Mineral Grey_1.8Kg

Lenovo is in the third position of the best office laptop in India in 2020. What makes Lenovo’s best laptop for office use in India is its core i5 10th generation technology which gives concrete performance for your office works. Other factors that make it best laptop for office use in India is its storage capacity which comes with a variant of 512gb SSD plus 1TB storage and 8GB RAM. It comes with bezels on-site and narrow top for full HD display which gives 72% NTSC colours display gamut which gives your presentations a fresher and vibrant look.

The last reason for its being the best laptop for office use in India is the design of this laptop, which is ultra-sleek and stylish and inspired by diamond cuts anodized aluminum in three different variants of colors.

Lenovo IdeaPad S540 10th Gen Intel Core i5 15.6-inch Full HD IPS Thin and Light Laptop (8GB_1TB HDD + 256GB SSD_Windows 10_MS Office 2019_NVIDIA MX250 2GB Graphics_Mineral Grey_1.8Kg)

The battery of this laptop is so powerful that it reaches to 80% in just 60 minutes and gives you two hours of usage with a charge of 15 minutes. The USP of this laptop is it backlit keyboard which radiant in the dark that makes it best laptop for office use in India. Other most noticeable factors are fingerprint scanner privacy shutter for the camera and much more which makes it a better laptop for office use and laptop for work from home in Indian 2020. The OS is Windows 10 home which delivers a flexible convenient and easy user interface for office works.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Processor core i5 10th generation (4.2GHZ)
  • OS Windows 10 home with lifetime validity
  • Display 15.6 inches full HD anti glare technology IPS screen
  • Ram 8GB DDR4 upto 12 GB
  • Storage 1TB hybrid type
  • Graphic card Nvidia MX250, 2GB
  • Battery up to 9 hours
  • Ports 2USB 3.O

4. Lenovo Yoga C640 -81UE0034IN Laptop For Office Use In India

The Lenovo yoga C640 is another one of most selling convertible laptop for its professional and is on the 4th position of best laptop for office use in India in 2020. What makes it cut above the rest is its convertible feature which makes four speed sheet, slide slow, presentation s and business projects more convenient and flexible.

Another reason for its been the best laptop for office use in India 13 inch touch screen with full HD IPS display and 300 nits brightness yoga C640 will give a realistic view to your office assignment and has 4 sided basil design. Also,the body of this laptop is ultra-slim which makes it even more convenient and compact.

best laptop for office use

Also the stream smoothly and faster 10th generation process eliminates the lags and makes it worth buying which is also a worthwhile reason for Lenovo being the best laptop for office use in India. The battery backup is of 16 hours which won’t hamper our work irrespective of power supply. The another feature is cortana which makes your agenda, schedules and favourite playlist sorted and easy without lifting fingers. The touchpad of C640 is a diamond glass cut that makes it eye-catchy and ethereal. Also, the display is clear, free, HD, and Full HD IPS with 300 nits brightness. Even you will get the privacy shutter button which makes your life more secure and private which even the best reason for its being the best business laptop in India in 2020.-

Special Features & Specifications

  • Processor core i5 10th generation (4.2GHZ)
  • OS Windows 10
  • Display Convertible 2 in 1
  • Ram 8GB DDR4 up to 12 GB
  • Storage 512GB
  • No. of USB port 3.0
  • Battery up to 22 hours
  • Diamond-Cut Glass Touchpad

5. DELL XPS 9500 15.6-inch FHD Laptop Silver

The Dell XPS 9500 is on the fifth position of dell laptop for office use in India 2020 and It has been the world’s smallest 15-inch performance. It has an impressive 4-sided narrow bezel with infinity edge. Screen to body ratio of 93% Processor. The widescreen with 100% Adobe RGB color will ignite and blend the creators’ needs with content creations. The firing speakers have wave NX technology e for or and vibrant 3D surround sound experience Intel h grade process gives flawless and butter flow experience which makes its a best buy under the best laptop for office use in India.

Even the Nvidia graphic card will take your craft to ultra HD level and your cinematography work will also look fantabulous and even take photoshop results to the next level.

best laptop for office use in india

The memory storage of up to 16GB give you exceptionally amazing app add switching experience hossle free. Even the boot up and resume of work ok get in resume with the fraction of seconds with the 512 SSD. Fingerprint and and scanner makes it more secure and restricted the unaware access even you are liberated enough to access multiple devices of cross platforms such as IOS and Android.

The USP of this Dell laptop is that majority of its parts are recycled or could be reused and it’s Bamboo pabaging troys are also 100% recyclable. Also, it comes with anti glare and eye safe technology which is best designed for business working professionals and working professionals who work from home. This feature make it best for the banner under best laptop for business and laptop for work from home.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Processor core i7 10th generation (4.6GHZ)
  • OS Windows 10
  • Display Infinity edge Anti-Glare
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 upto 12 GB
  • Storage 512GB
  • No. of USB port 3.0\
  • Finger print Reader
  • Eye Safe Technology
  • Antiglare
  • Battery up to 22 hours
  • Diamond Cut Glass Touchpad

What factors decide your Office Use laptop?

Definitely not brand

1). Processor

Laptop processor

The processor is only unit of laptops which is responsible for every task right from a single copy-paste to high rendering and you can be labelled it has the brain with various level of prospective and cognitive skills which will address in next factors.

A). Intel

Intel laptop processor

So, Intel is the most dominating name in the industry of processor and the one is AMD.both have a substantial role but Intel always has an edge over AMD due to its ever-growing and innovating NM technology. The most popular processor of Intel in the last decade is the Intel i series which are core i3, i5, i7, and i9 which is the latest in the industry.

Furthermore, this processor generally ranks and labelled on the basis of the generation which is leading. Libemise i3 has total 1st generation to 8th generation and i3 8th generation is the minimum and most economical choice. The processor size is 32nm, 22nm, 14nm designed at 64-bit architecture. However, the Core i5 comes with a processor size of 42nm, 32nm, 22nm, 14nm, and SM 64 bit architecture.

Even the core i5 also comes with first-generation till 8th generation and in 2020 you should not buy any processor below 8th generation.
(The 8th generation processor is known as a coffee label. Core i7 also has a 64-bit architecture design and comes with 45 nm, 32 nm, 22 nm, 14 nm dimension and also it later generation is its generation. The best and the beast Intel core i9 is just most advanced and powerful with the clocking speed of 3300 MHZ and process size of 14 nm designed at 64 bit.


AMD series is also very predominant and has made it mark in the last few years, which gives a flawless performance.

2). RAM

It is a kind of memory that simply temporarily reads and accesses the memory of your computer data where you tried to retrieve data. Not only this, but it also pleases while copying, pasting, and transferring of data. So, that I am also and shows at what speed the data will transfer. Ram usually comes with a different variant: 4GB and 8GB (basic) and 12gb and 16GB (advanced) and even more depending and the type of work you do.

Best RAM at a glance

Corsair Vengeance LEDBest RAM
G.Skill Trident Z RGBBest DDR4 RAM
Kingston HyperX PredatorBest DDR3
Kingston HyperX FuryBest Budget RAM
Corsair Dominator Platinum RGBBest High-end RAM

3). HDD

Basically a conventional type of storage device which permanently stores the data. But the latest update to HDD is SSD which is new chip-based storage just like a memory card. However HDD I had a hard disk but SSD has a new chip-based circuit.

4). SSD

SSD is the new example of compactness and nano technology which will ultimate make your laptop quiet lighter and boost your boot speed also .
The SSD has an specific advantage over HDD which is this that the data is less vulnerable and volatile comparatively to HDD.
Even most of the high end laptop are fabricated with either SSD and Combo of both .

5). Graphics Cards

The screen visuals of a computer are wholly dependent on the graphic cards. Graphic card plays a pivotal role if you are using a gamig computer. Moreover, graphic card actually responsible to deliver the smooth experience not only specifically to games but for gaming also. It will just take your gaming experience to next level by escalating its screen effect and give a realistic view and make you feel like real time experience . Its core function is to improve the enhance the FPS quality and make your regular and slow motions video and gaming effect more spectacular. These mentions laptops are all equips with some of superior Graphics card which make your laptop the Best Laptop For Office Use in India in 2020 for official and for entertainment purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the basic difference between the core i3 core i5 and core i7?
A. Since processors are considered as the brain box of computers which is responsible for every type of task. These core generations define which variant of intel processor you are using. The core i3 is quite old but still comes with the latest 8th generation model which is minimum need for regular and daily usage purposes. If you opt for the Core i5, Core i7, or Core i9 that will give a message boost to overall work.

Q. Which is better among Dell and Apple MacBook for video editing work?
A. The obvious answer would be Apple MacBook Pro. Since they are specially designed with ultra-extreme high-end RAM, ROM, SSD, and processor to deliver unmatchable performance without any lag. Even in every filk-making industry, Apple MacBook has been used, and also the software of video editing work just cut about the rest.

Q. Which graphic card should I prefer while purchasing the laptop?
A. It depends upon the uses of a client if you are not into gaming or into very normal gaming and even won’t do any acting or light editing work then a dedicated graphics card is the best choice. however, if you want flawless and butter flow performance then Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon will be the best choice which will give an all-around performance.

Q. How last does the battery life last for a laptop?
A. It completely depends upon the brand of laptop you are using. But Delhi is the one whose XPS7590 promises to deliver 22 hours and a few other specific models of other brands also. But usually, it lies between 9 to 12 hours.

Q. Which is an ideal RAM for daily usage and for higher-end usage?
A. As far as the daily task is concerned like watching movies browsing, copy-paste and office usage the minimum of 4GB and a maximum of 6 GB is far enough to serve your purpose. But for higher and purpose such as video editing, hard core gaming then ok for a minimum of 16 GB and you can extend up to 32GB.

Q. What is the best screen size for laptops?
A. Usually the 17.3 inches the maximum reach of screen size dimensions but the most frequent and ideal buy is always 15.6 inches of the laptop for gaming, academics, movies, and all other works. However, if you travel a lot then you should opt for any size in between 11 inches to 17 inches.

Conclusion For Office Use Laptop

We have put all the efforts in the making of this list. This complete buying guide will help you to choose and buy your Best Laptop For Office Use in India: 2020 Reviews According to your need, budget, and preference.

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